Wu Dang 28 Movement Tai Chi Seminar Series

Wu Dang 28 Movement Tai Chi Seminar Series What: 6 week Wu Dang 28 Movement Tai Chi Seminar Series When: Sundays,  April 17th - May 22th, 10:00 - 11:30 Cost: $60 (for six 1.5 hour classes!)

Dear CMAA,

It is my honor to present a (6) week course centering on the Wu Dang 28 Movement TaiJi form. This short form is based on one of the crown jewels of Wu Dang Internal Martial  Arts  - the Wu Dang San Feng 108 Movement TaiJi form. We are blessed here at CMAA with amazing teachers who teach amazing forms and skills. This 108 form has been taught by Dashi Jianye Jiang here at CMAA on Saturday mornings at 10:00 for years. This 28 form offers an excellent opportunity, particularly for beginners but for the more advanced practitioner as well, to learn the original movements in a condensed format. The postures will be presented in accordance with the way Dashi performs them so this will provide a strong stepping stone in learning and refining the 108 form.

About the Instructor: I was a sporadic student of Dashi Jiang beginning in 2003. I actually trained once or twice with the teenage version of Shifu Lucas Gellar himself. Show off. Lol. I digress. However beginning in 2007 I made a solid commitment to TaiJi and Shaolin kung fu under Dashi with mental and physical health my primary goal.

In 2011, after a China trip with Dashi to several famous Daoist sites including Wu Dang Mt. , I decided to narrow my focus. I continued learning Wu Dang 108 with Dashi (a lifelong pursuit) but also began traveling to Boston several times a year to train and learn with a foreign ambassador of Wu Dang Mt. Master Zhong Xue Chao (aka - Master Bing ) and the ever gracious hosts Paul and Rosalie DiCrescenzo of  Shuang Long Dao or Two Dragons Path. Without them I never would of been able to learn and train as much as I have with Master Bing actually allowing me to stay in their home along with Master Bing.  Master Bing has provided me the opportunity to delve deeper into the Wu Dang Internal Martial Arts  teaching me several forms within the San Feng Pai system including the Mother TaiJi 13 form, Xuan Wu, TaiJi Jian or straightsword and a BaguaZhang form called Eight Diagrams Palm plus more. This journey of improvement and refinement continues and leads me to here and now. To today. To this opportunity and challenge that Shifu Lucas has presented me and which I accept. So to any interested students I will be presenting and sharing a small piece of Wu Dang Internal Martial Arts. Let's practice!


Shawn Fariss