Lauren Wiltfong, Proud CMAA Parent

"Shifu Lucas is a great teacher and it's evident when all the kids are so happy to be there and learn from him. Our son absolutely loves being there and enjoys learning from Shifu Lucas. Thank you so much for patience and knowledge."

Milla Paxton, Proud CMAA Parent

"Lucas Geller is that incredible role model that your kids will never forget"

Master Y Chan, National and International Wushu Champion, Head Wushu Coach WKFFC

"Lucas Geller’s contagious enthusiasm and authentic persona is a velvet glove over his iron fist knowledge."

Steve Morris, Proud CMAA Parent

"My son has some learning disabilities, and from the moment he walked through the doors at CMAA, he felt welcomed by the group and has been having fun ever since."

Jason Coalts, Proud CMAA Parent

"Shifu Lucas Geller is excellent with kids, he is able to keep class fun yet structured. The price and flexibilty of the schedule are nearly unmatchable by other martial arts schools in the area."

Jim Posniewski, Taichi Champion, Certified Kungfu – Taichi Judge (USAWKF) and Senior Taichi Instructor (CMAA)

Master Jiang is both nationally and internationally known for his excellent and prolific videos of Chinese Martial Arts, including Taijiquan, Qigong, and Kungfu.  His ability to breakdown complex forms to simple steps and demonstrate them clearlyallows everyone to follow and learn.”

Ioannis Kareklas, Proud CMAA Parent

"My 2 boys (6 and 8 years old) have been taking Kung Fu classes at CMAA for a few months. They absolutely love it and so do I. The instructor is excellent with kids and a great educator. I recommend CMAA to anyone without reservation."

Phyllis All, Proud CMAA Parent

"As a parent, all I can say is, wow, just wow!"

Ching-Yin Lee, USA Wushu Team 2003-2007

“Lucas Geller is the hardest working and most technically clean US Wushu Athlete I’ve ever trained with. He has a sound work ethic and a compassionate heart. His strive for excellence is unparalleled.”