Monthly Newsletter - February 2016

Dear Friends,

Happy Year of the Monkey! Like a monkey we should try to be clever and flexible while looking at new problems.  However, in addition to being creative, we still need to allow ourselves to be silly and take time to have fun. From seminars, to competitions, demo’s and other activities, don't miss out on the action!

School Closings Sash Test Recap Chinese New Year Celebrations! CMAA’s First Kungfu Black Belt: Schuyler Wang Master Ching Yin-Lee Seminar’s Recap Student(s) of the Month – Elaine and JJ "The Incredible Duo" Savaria  Watch and Learn Tai Chi Brazilian JiuJitsu and Tai Chi CMAA Team Jackets and Hoodies For Sale Star Wars Kungfu 2.0

School Closings All classes will be held as regularly scheduled.

Kungfu Sash Test  

As always I wanted to say great job to those of you who participated in January's Sash Test. Congratulations to those of you who put in the extra work over the last few months.  It's really paid off and I am seeing lots of great progress!  What an awesome group!

CMAA’s first Kungfu Black Belt: Schuyler Wang Yes, Schuyler is a prodigy. When you combine that with his work ethic you have success. However, he's also thoughtful and kind, always greeting classmates with hugs and high fives. I am very proud to announce that CMAA has officially awarded it’s first Black Belt in Wushu - Kungfu to Schuyler Wang! Congrats Schuyler you earned it. Now I can't wait to see where you take it!

Check out the video below to hear Schuyler talk about what it means to him!

Master Ching Yin Lee Seminars

Dear Students and Parents of CMAA,

Thank you for making my stay in Latham so wonderful.

Everyone was so welcoming to my stay. Also, your hard work and joy in training was a real inspiration to me.

The Tai Chi students were all so dedicated and focused.

The parents were so friendly and supportive. '

I look forward to seeing everyone again!

Yours truly,

Ching-Yin "Bee" Lee

Yours truly,

Ching Lee (240) 678-3854

Ching Yin Lee’s seminars were simple, challenging and focused on the details. It was a way of presenting the fundamental principles in a different way. While the concepts he talked about were very familiar, it is always good to be reminded of them.

In addition, I wanted to mention that I was paid a very big compliment from several of our students. They said that in addition to loving the what they’ve learned during the seminars from our various guest instructors, that all of our guest including Steven Juman, Benoit Denolle, Brandon Sugiyama, Peter Wolf and Ching Yin Lee, were also all very down to earth, genuine people and that they felt very comfortable learning with them. I think this one of the cornerstones of CMAA. Our focus on martial arts is greater than techniques, its about true positive energy.

Watch and Learn Tai Chi Did you ever wish you could just sit back, relax and learn Tai Chi from the comfort of your couch? Well, now you can! “But how much does it cost?” NOTHING! That’s right, you can learn more about Tai Chi, for FREE from the comfort of your own home:) Throughout the winter might be finding yourself spending a little more time at home. Check out this link to find some awesome documentaries on the tradition, techniques and history of Chinese martial arts! Watch and Learn! Click here!

Watch and Learn Kungfu For those of you more interested in Kungfu (or with more time!), here’s a collection of Kungfu documentaries and shows as well, enjoy! KungFu Documentaries- Watch Here!

Brazilian JiuJitsu and Tai Chi  Most of your know I have practiced Brazilian JiuJitsu (BJJ) for several years.  It's become a passion of mine, outside of Chinese Martial Arts.  I have learned a lot about martial arts by getting out of my comfort zone, and putting a white belt back on.  In addition, I feel like it's given me another perspective on martial arts and allowed me to understand Chinese martial arts in a different way.  In many ways, I compare BJJ to Chinese martial arts and feel they have many similarities.  Aparently, I am not the only one!  Click here to read a very interesting article about the similarities between these two seemingly very different arts! Brothers in Arms - BJJ and Tai Chi

Chinese New Year Celebrations - CMAA In High Demand! CMAA has been invited to showcase our talents at a few events this year, including several Chinese New Year celebrations. The first of these events will be held at the The Egg on 2/6 from 3-5pm. The second will be held at the Clifton Park public libray on 2/13 and the East Greenbush YMCA on the 20th from 4-6pm. For the East Greenbush YMCA, all students are welcome to come and perform (all levels of Kungfu and all forms of Tai Chi).  We will be putting together a list of the routines we will perform, but ALL are welcome to come help celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Chinese Lantern Festival!

Check out this video of last year’s show! It was a great show, but I can promise this year will really be exceptional!

Student(s) of the Month – A family that kicks together, sticks together! She’s a natural leader. Always focused, and ready to assist. She might be helping someone on their first day of class, or leading a group of red sashes through long fist. He’s either spinning on his head or running across the gym for a full on, all out dive roll!  Coming in almost daily, often for back to back classes, they have put in the time. In addition, they’ve done it with enthusiasm. For your consistency and hard work Elaine and JJ Savaria have been chosen for be featured as February’s “Students of the Month”!

Shifu: “Why did you start Kungfu?” Elaine: I started Kungfu because my dad brought me and it looked cool. JJ: I started Kungfu because my dad took me and I liked it.

Shifu: “What is your favorite thing about Kungfu?” Elaine: My favorite thing about Kungfu is my friends at kungfu and doing forms. JJ: My favorite thing about Kungfu is dive rolls!

Shifu: “What are your goals in Kungfu for this coming year?” Elaine: My goal for the year is to get a butterfly kick. JJ: My goal for the year is to skip purple sash and get two.

Shifu: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get better at Kungfu? Elaine: Lower stances, more power! JJ: Better focus.

Shifu: “What is your favorite food?” Elaine: My favorite food is pizza. My favorite food is french toast sticks.

Shifu: “What are your favorite marital arts movies?” Elaine: Kungfu Panda JJ: Kungfu Panda 3

Shifu: “When you guys fight at home is it like a kungfu movie scene with spears and swords?” Elaine: Yes. JJ: No.

Shifu: “When you’re not training at CMAA what do you like to do in your free time?” Elaine: In my free time I practice Kungfu. JJ: In my free time I play with my dog.

Shifu: “Anything else about yourself you’d like to share with everyone?” Elaine: I sing and dance to baby death metal. JJ: I like applesauce.

Well, thanks for sharing guys!  I am proud of your hard work and consistency.  Keep it up and you're on your way to finding out what being a martial arts master is all about!


CMAA Team Jackets and Hoodies For Sale We will be putting in an order for hooded sweatshirts February 15th ($35). Ask Shifu to see the sample! Place your order in 3 easy steps: 1. Choose your style (crew, hoodie, or full zip hoodie). 2. Choose your color. 3. Choose your size.

Star Wars Kungfu! Another awesome example of how spectacular Chinese Martial Arts are, especially with a little light saber action!

Summary As usual please stay tuned for more exciting action at CMAA!