Newsletter - June

Dear Students- Welcome to another exciting installment of The CMAA monthly newsletter!

CMAA Anniversary! Two years ago The Chinese Martial Arts Academy became the successor to The Capital District Tai Chi and Kungfu Association.   It was with a great sense of honor that I accepted this responsibility and made a promise to carry on its traditions.

In two incredibly short years, we have more than tripled the number of classes, tripled the number of students and moved to a home that we can all call our own.  We have done all this while carrying on the tradition of our predecessor in offering the highest quality instruction and fostering a warm, friendly environment full of positive energy.

We have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.  With the best intentions, hard work and the involvement of a lot of wonderful people CMAA has done great things and will surely do more in the future!  Thanks for your support!

Sash Test All I can say is “WOW”.  I am so proud of your progress!

The way you trained, organized yourselves, and performed on Sunday was VERY IMPRESSIVE.

Keep up the hard work! Congrats on your sash advancements!

You should be hugely proud of our progress as a team, and equally proud of your progress as martial artists!  Congratulations!

Please see photos here:

Chinese Cultural Gala Day 1-3:30pm Sunday, June 30th Clifton Common – Community Center, Clifton Park NY 12065 (518)383-3143

Come join the Chinese Martial Arts Academy for a day of fun with Chinese culture at the Chinese Cultural Gala Day! The Town of Clifton Park will host the Chinese Cultural Gala Day on Sunday, June 30, 2013. The FREE event is sponsored by the town’s Community Arts and Culture Commission in partnership with Clifton Park resident Xinhua Lee and Asian Culture Inc.

Please feel free to show your CMAA pride and wear your school shirt to the event. I look forward to seeing you there:)

Residents of all ages will be able to enjoy Chinese ribbon and fan dances, our martial arts demonstrations, Chinese musical, dance performances and ethnic food (available for purchase.)

The Chinese Cultural Gala Day strives to bring Clifton Park residents together to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Chinese music, dance and culture.

Tai Chi Schedule Please note that Shifu Jiang’s Wednesday Tai Chi class will now be conducted from 6pm-7pm.  We will continue to review Chen Style Straight Sword until 7:15pm and then move onto Shifu Geller’s portion focusing on Tai Chi walking exercises, the Yang 10/24 and Shaolin Yi Jin Jing Qigong.

GOOGLE! If you’ve ever had a positive experience at CMAA, myself or Jiang Shifu, let the world know about it.  Help others find a great martial arts school, help others find CMAA!

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Friends of Martial Artists

We train together, encourage each other and talk with each other. A group of parents would now like to take it one step further and form a committee committed to working towards a common goal: the wellbeing of our family members.  They would like to bring even more to an already outstanding community.

The focus of the Friends of Martial Artists committee is broad and not fully developed, but they like to find ways of assisting members with the cost of uniforms, weapons, tuition, etc. as needs arise. Because they want this to represent everyone in the school, they are inviting you to become part of this venture.   If you have any experience or interest in nonprofits, business, charity or just want to learn more about this group please consider joining them for their first meeting and becoming an active member of the Friends of Martial Artists!

Date: Saturday, June 15th at 4:00p at The Chinese martial Arts Academy.

Monthly Challenge – June

Build yourself a time machine and get in shape!  Go back to the year 2012 and revisit Tabata - a method of Japanese conditioning designed to get you in awesome shape – in just 4, grueling, minutes.  Keep reading to learn more about this month’s challenge!



As always, please stay tuned for more exciting news!