Newsletter - July

Dear Students, Time just seems to fly by!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Chinese Cultural Gala What a blast!  The CMAA Kungfu performance was again the highlight of the show (in my own humble opinion)   From language to philosophy, food to historic sights and spectacular scenery, Chinese culture is incredibly unique and beautiful.  However, it is sometimes difficult to showcase such things and make them enjoyable for kids and adults alike.  Chinese martial arts are not only a great form of exercise, they are also a thrilling show to spectate.  The Chinese Cultural Gala was great for a number of reasons.  In addition to bringing awareness to a unique and wonderful culture, it was also a great event for our students.  The practice and team building that goes in to preparing for such an event is an important part of what CMAA is all about!   Please see the attached photo of just some of our students posing after the show.

Kungfu Class Schedule Improvements In an effort maintain both high quality instruction and safety, we will be revising the current schedule to better suit the needs of our students.

We will be adding a Tuesday/Thursday 4pm-5pm Kungu class.  This will be an empty hand class for all students ages 5-12.  Tuesday/Thursday 5pm-6pm, will now be a weapons class for yellow sashes and higher).

In addition, Tuesday/Thursday evening class 7-8pm for ages 8+ will now have open mat time after class for additional training.

Sanshou (Kickboxing) Suspension Please note, that due to low enrollment we will be suspending our Sanshou (Kickboxing) program.  I will continue to gauge your interest and will and be glad to resurrect our program when we have enough students.  Until then, we will use time after class to do additional Kungfu training. CrossFit Summer Champion Challenge You must be ready for anything and everything. This 60 day challenge will force you to analyze all areas of your training including your strengths and your weaknesses and set goals to make improvements.  Do you have what it takes?  Will you accept this challenge and work toward becoming the strongest, fastest, most HEALTHY you?  If you are determined and ready for self-improvement – keep reading

Kungfu Competition

What: The Chinese Wushu Kungfu Academy’s 1st Annual Wushu Kungfu Tournament When: Saturday August 17th, 8:30am-4:30pm (Pre-Registration ends July 31st) Where: Hopkins Academy in Hadley, Massachusetts Who: All Levels Welcome

From goal setting and learning to perform under pressure, the entire competition is a great learning experience. Please let me know if you are interested and we can try and organize our registration and plan a way to coordinate our traveling.