Newsletter - December

December Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,

It’s December already!? I can’t believe it. With so many exciting things going on at the school time really seems to fly.

Dec. 1 - Kids Kungfu Movie and Pizza Night!

We had a great time at the Kids Kungfu Movie and Pizza Night! We started with a Kungfu class, and then moved on to games, pizza and a movie (Kids from Shaolin!). Whether you were able to join us this time or not we all hope you can make it next time! J

Dec. 2 - Sash Test

I am so proud of your progress!

The way you trained, organized yourselves, and performed on Sunday was VERY IMPRESSIVE.

Keep up the hard work! Congrats on your sash advancements!

Just one year ago we didn't have anyone sash test. We have moved to our own, new home just 3 months ago. This speaks to the infancy of our program. This is just the beginning.

You should be hugely proud of our progress as a school, and equally proud of your progress as martial artists! Congratulations!

Dec. 9th Kungfu Tai Chi Seminars – with visiting master Brandon Sugiyama!

It’s not too late to sign up!

Please sign up at the school or via email at

Please note only 11:15-12pm Kungfu, and 2-3pm CrossFit classes will be held as regularly scheduled!

More information about the seminars here!

Kungfu Kickboxing (Sanshou)

For individuals who are interested in doing Kungfu Kickboxing only! The class schedule will be revised along with prices! Kungfu Kickboxing is now only Tuesday and Thursday evenings 8-9pm. However, the monthly tuition fee is now only $60 a month (with annual agreement) and $90 monthly - no long term commitment!


CrossFit is officially being held Monday (7-8pm), Wednesdays (8-9pm), Friday (7-8pm) and now Saturdays (2-3pm)! Feel free to come watch a class and see what it’s all about!

Performances and Demo’s!

After an exciting and successful performance several months ago for the Chinese Cultural Gala CMAA has been invited to several other venues to showcase our rising talents!

Last month Price Chopper sponsored CMAA to participate in the 2012 Gazette Holiday Parade in Schenectady.

We have now been invited to perform at the Chinese School Performance, Clifton Park Halfmoon Library Chinese New Year Celebration and Chinese Community Center Chinese New Year Celebration! I am sure over the course of the next several months even more invitations will roll in (as they did last year from SUNY Albany and RPI!).

You should honored to be part of such a highly esteemed group. However, now is not the time for complacency. Now is time for preparation. Let’s get ready to show them just how hard we’ve been working. Let show them how good we are getting!

Monthly Challenge – December

Stay warm and stretch! When I first began training, I realized in the very first winter that I was always “tighter” and less flexible as the weather got colder. I began and finished my days with vigorous stretching routines, but I always felt like I couldn’t get loose. Shimu (teacher wife), Lu Yuzhi, told me to dress more warmly, and specifically, to start wearing long johns! In addition, when I injured my leg training in China my Chinese doctor in Beijing told me to keep my feet warm. For example, he told me no more going barefoot to the bathroom at night and to soak my feet in hot water every morning. For 15 years now, I’ve made morning/evening stretching and long johns/warm slippers during the winter part of my routine.

So, as the title suggests this challenge is two part. Take more time to stretch and keep warm! Personally, I dress warm at home (to the point of sweating during stretching even!) and take 5 – 20 minutes in morning with a cup of coffee, and 5 – 20 minutes at night after a warm shower to stretch everything back out! Keep it up throughout the winter and by the time the weather starts to warm up there’s a good chance your flexibility will increase dramatically!

CMAA Holiday Schedule!

Please note the following holiday class cancellations:

Monday, 25th – All classes canceled.

Tuesday, 26th- All classes canceled.

Monday, 31st – All classes canceled.

Tuesday, 1st - All classes canceled.

CMAA Holiday Gift Ideas!

Spread the cheer and share CMAA with those you care about. Give them the give of health and happiness! Between our Tai Chi, Kungfu, Kickboxing, and CrossFit exercise program CMAA offers a wide variety of healthy activities to try out!

Not only are all our programs fitness oriented, but they are much more than that. As you know, we are more than just a gym. We offer you a warm, clean environment to find your passion and pursue your art. Not only do we offer the highest quality instruction, we also provide our students with a wonderful group of supportive friends (you and your classmatesJ). With events like our Potlucks, seminars and Pizza and Movie Nights- were are a very special place that you can share with your friends and family!

Month long gift certificates are available for any and all of our programs! Please speak with me for details!

** In addition, training several times a week, a new uniform might be a great gift for any student at CMAA! The new jackets look great and make for great gifts as well. And for those who will be starting staff, and broad sword – the holidays are a good opportunity to get them something they will be need to start an exciting new phase of their kungfu!


In summary- as always there are lots of exciting things happening at CMAA! Please stay tuned, stay warm and have a happy holiday season!