Brandon Sugiyama Seminar

Dear Students,

Kungfu and Tai Chi Seminars

CMAA will be hosting Tai Chi and Kungfu seminars with USA Wushu-Kungfu Team member and national/international Tai Chi champion Brandon Sugiyama. Master Sugiyama is a Longfist and Spear specialist in Kungfu, and Yang style Taiji and Bagua specialist in internal styles.

Date: Saturday, December 8th Time: Tai Chi 9:15-11:15am Kungfu 12pm-2pm Cost: Tai Chi $40 (limited to the first 25 people) Kungfu $25 (limited to the first 25 people) (Tai Chi + Kungfu = $55)

Please register ASAP as space is limited!

Brandon Sugiyama is a former member of the US Wushu Team and a decorated competitor in both internal and external styles. He was introduced to martial arts at the University of Oregon Wushu Club as a freshman in college and went on to become coach his senior year. After graduation, Brandon moved to San Francisco to continue his training at Pacific Wushu Academy focussing on taijiquan and baguazhang with Zhang Hong Mei of the Beijing Wushu Team.

His competition record includes multiple All Around and Internal Grand Champion titles at tournaments across the country and he has represented the United States in competition at the World Wushu Games in Hong Kong, the 1st World Traditional Wushu Festival in China and the Pan-American Wushu Championships.

Brandon currently resides in Brooklyn and continues his training with Sifu Chen Ying. -- Don't miss this rare opportunity where Brandon will share his insight and philosophy developed over nearly two decades of training and competition experience. These seminars will focus on taiji and wushu basics and forms correction, as well as tips and tricks for mastering the progression from a beginner to an advanced martial artist. -- Competition Highlights: US Wushu Team, 1999, Hong Kong Internal Grand Champion, Wah Lum Kung Fu's Tournament 2000, Orlando, Florida, Internal Grand Champion, 2000 World Martial Arts Championship, Phoenix, AZ, Internal All Around Champion, 2001 USAWKF Nationals, San Diego, CA First Place, Tongji Bisai, 2003, Beijing Sports University Two time Gold Medalist, 2004, Pan American Wushu Championship Two time Gold Medalist, 2004 First World Traditional Wushu Festival, Zhengzhou, China

Please note: Only the 11:15am-12pm, 5-7yrs old Kids Kungfu Class and 2pm – 3pm Sanshou will be held as regularly scheduled. ALL other individuals are encouraged to attend this rare opportunity to train with a visiting master – Brandon Sugiyama!

Parents- All students ranked White Sash and above are encouraged to attend the Kungfu seminar from 12-2pm. It’s a great chance to train with one of the most well-known and well respected martial arts competitor and judge in America! It’s sometimes hard to understand why this is important in the early stages of your child’s training, but having a USA team member for an instructor (ShifuJ), USA Team Coach Mario Martinez visit a few months ago, and now to have USA team member Brandon Sugiyama visit- CMAA is getting on the national kungfu scene radar very early. It’s a very important time for our young students to be exposed to elite national level martial arts and their critical eye. Having the highest quality instruction is one of the things that make CMAA so different than all the other schools locally- Please take advantage of these opportunities!