Monthly Newsletter - September 2016

Dear Friends, From seminars, to competitions, demo’s and other activities, don’t miss out on the action! School Closings Kungfu Sash Test Women’s Self Defense Chinese Community Center Tai Chi Club CMAA Black Belt 3 Amazing Wushu Spear Performances Words of Wisdom Black Belt Sleeper Student of the Month- Christian Luther Pre-Order your copy of “How to Pick Up Tons of Girls With Martial Arts”

School Closings

Please note CMAA will be closed Labor Day weekend Saturday through Monday (3rd-6th).

Women’s Self Defense CMAA just hosted another successful Women’s Self Defense Seminar.  If you are interested in organizing a group of friends, CMAA can help arranged a private group self-defense seminar!  Ask Shifu or Instructor Steve Juman for details.  While class time is primarily spent on learning the best strategies and techniques for self defense, what is a also an incredibly important simply is a prepared mindset geared toward situational awareness.  Read more here on how how to prevent the triangle of victimization from being completed:

Kungfu Sash Test

Please note that we will be holding our quarterly Sash Test on Sunday, October 2nd, at 10:30 am.

You know exactly what we will be testing but if you have any questions, check the Sash Requirements page on the website and feel free to clarify things with me during class.   

If you are unsure whether or not you (or your child) are ready to test, please speak with me before or during class, via email at or by phone (518) 755-7512. Remember, you will not “get” your sash at CMAA – you will EARN it! There is a big difference. It’s important you (your child) learns the value of their sash- the value of hard work! Let’s stay focused and step up our training so we’re fully prepared for the test!

White/Yellow/Green/Blue: $25, Red/Purple/Orange: $50, Light Brown/Dark Brown/Gold: $75 Black:$100. CMAA Black Belt CMAA Black Belt. What does it mean to be a black belt? Objectively it means competency in our curriculum. Subjectively I expect every student to practice their Kungfu at what I perceive to be their true "best effort". Beyond that, I can't tell you what the experience and achievement means to each individual. That is for them to decide.

Personally, I can tell you Kungfu has given me everything. It has given my life purpose and meaning where I can help others become healthy and happy through martial arts. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. I have inspired and been inspired by many who I have crossed paths with on this journey. I also learned some pretty cool flips and kicks along the way. All I can do is wonder with excitement where Kungfu will take these CMAA black belts.  Check out these video’s from CMAA Black Belts to see what their training has meant to them.

3 Amazing Wushu Spear Performances

Words of Wisdom I know we can become great martial artists through practice, but I believe we can also become great people through the practice of martial arts.

Black Belt Sleeper

Black Belt Sleeper:

Sleep is a force multiplier. That means that whatever you’re typically capable of on a day to day basis can be greatly optimized by simply improving sleep quality. From losing fat, and building muscle, to improved concentration and a greater overall sense of well being you need proper rest!

I have many suggestions to help you achieve better sleep. Of course you don’t have to do all these things, but the more the better. Try different things and see what works best for you! In addition, if you don’t sleep alone, consider what techniques might be of use to your spouse. If they’re tossing and turning, reading with the lights on, or watching TV (or mobile device!) while you’re sleeping (or preparing to), that may all effect your sleep quality, whether you realize it or not!

The primary elements can be divided into the following categories: Sleep Environment: Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Temperature. Sleep Routine: Nutrition: Supplements: What not to do: Waking up: Timing: Monitoring your sleep: Prescription Drug Sleep Aids:

Get all the details here:

Student of the Month- Christian Luther

Christian is one cool kid.  He might be injured from a recent 4 wheeler accident, biking or whatever other extreme activity he’s doing, but that never seems to keep him down very long.  The following week he’s handspringing and doing dive rolls that usually keep me holding my breath until he safely rolls up to his feet.  Over the last few months he’s really solidified his advanced staff routine.  However, I’ve been even more impressed with effort to assist in leading the warm ups.  Actually, that is the responsibility of the high sash in class, but he always steps up and just does it.  I like that.  That’s what a leader does.  As one of CMAA’s very first Kids Kungfu student, I’ve seen Christian grow up a lot of the past few years.  He’s always been a quiet, hard worker.  It’s always been a pleasure to teach him.  Let’s get to know him a little better. 

Shifu: Why did you start Kungfu? Christian: Because my brother was interested and I thought I'd give it a try.

Shifu: What is your favorite thing about Kungfu? Christian: Getting a decent workout and hanging out with some cool kids.

Shifu: What is your favorite food? Christian: Cheeseburgers 

Shifu: If someone wants to learn kungfu or has already started but wants to get better, what would you tell them? Christian: Work hard and stay focused, give it your best.

Shifu: Besides Kungfu I know you're a pretty active kid, hence all the injuries you come to Kungfu with. Can you tell us more about the things you like to do outside of Kungfu? Christian: Riding my dirtbike, spending time with friends, videogames.

Shifu: How do you feel about moving and going off to school? What are you looking forward to about this new adventure? Christian: It will be a learning experience, I'll miss my friends and routine.

Well Christian, it’s been awesome having you be a part of our Kungfu family.  I hope you come back to visit us soon.  You’ve got the heart of a black belt I am confident that you will succeed in all that you do!

To see a clip of Christian's dive roll, check this out!  

Chinese Community Center Tai Chi Club Chinese School- Taiji Club

The course would focus on the practice of Qigong, Tai Chi Basics (postures and footwork), as well as two simplified Tai Chi Routines (Yang 8/Yang 24). We will learn to learn how to relax, coordinate our breath and properly structure our posture. This class is suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities. No previous experience is required.

Find out about registration below!

Pre-Order your copy of “How to Pick Up Tons of Girls With Martial Arts” “You might be able to break limbs, but soon you’ll be breaking hearts!” – Lucas Geller, author of “How to pick up tons of girls with Martial Arts”.  Pre-order today and received a signed copy! ;)

Summary  As usual please stay tuned for more exciting action at CMAA!