Kungfu Seminars!

Kungfu Seminars with USA National Kungfu Team Member Kevin Qin 

Kevin Qin always had an interest for martial arts at a young age. He soon enrolled at the Omei Wushu Center to pursue his passion. Under the tutelage of Lu Xiaolin, he went on to compete and win titles at the regional and national level. In 2010, he qualified for the US National Jr. Wushu Team, and remained a member until 2014. In 2012, he competed at the 9th Pan American Wushu Championships in Mexico and brought home 2 silvers in the junior division. In 2016, he once again competed at the Pan American Championships, but with the senior division, and brought home a bronze medal in southern broadsword.

Kevin has also extensive coaching experience, teaching students of all ages since he was 16. He has also coached at the college level, and has choreographed performances and coached athletes for competition.

Seminars for all levels! On Saturday October 22nd Kevin Qin will be teaching 2 seminars for different skill levels.

Seminar 1 - Beginner basics. 11:15-12:30.  ($20) (No sash - Purple)

Students will practice basics stances, balances, and combinations that are most common in wushu forms. This class will focus on required compulsory movements in a competition form, what judges look for in them, and common deductions found in most competition.

Seminar 2 - Advanced forms: 12:30-2. ($35) (Orange sash and higher)

Students will drill combinations, sections, and nandu (difficulty) techniques in their forms. This class will focus on more advanced concepts such as rhythm, pacing, and choreography in a competition form. Students will also practice nandu movements and learn the requirements and common deductions in the difficulty section of a form.

Kevin's competition footage from 4 years ago:

This is some more recent footage of Kevin competing: