Monthly Newsletter - November

Dear Students, As always, there’s a lot happening at CMAA! Please review the following information on:

-School Closings and Class Cancellations - Longfist Kungfu Seminar - Why is Wushu My Life Today? By Benoit Denolle - CMAA in the ICMA National Rankings - Chinese Medicine Seminar Recap - Kungfu Sash Test

School Closing Please note the following school closings and class cancellations:

All Kungfu Classes will be cancelled on Saturday for the Longfist Kungfu Seminars on Nov.23rd.

CMAA will be closed for Nov. 28th/29th (Thursday and Friday) for the Thanksgiving holiday. Saturday classes will be held as regularly scheduled.

Longfist Kungfu Seminar What: Individual Longfist Combinations (Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced). When: November 23rd. Beginner/Intermediate 11:15-12:30, Intermediate/Advanced 12:30-2pm. Why: Take advantage to train with an amazing Martial Artist and International Champion right at our very own school! Learning individual combinations and movements will become increasingly important as we advance in our training and look to earn our black sash which will require you to choreograph your very own individual Longfist and weapons routines! These are the exact movements you will look to include. Cost: $20 for Beginner/Intermediate, $30 for Intermediate/Advanced with pre-registration by Nov.16th. $25/$35 respectively for registration after the 16th .

*Note: The classes will be limited to the first 15 students who register for each of the seminars. If you’re not sure which seminar you should take (or if you’re interested in both- just ask me and I will clarify what the major differences will be.)

Instructor: Benoit Denolle

As you may have noticed, there has been a new student training at CMAA since September. He’s the one who’s spear movements you miss if you blink, doing jump front kicks to aerial twists, and 720 tornado kicks. He’s the French native, national and international wushu kungfu champion, Benoit Denolle.

Why is Wushu My Life Today? By Benoit Denolle

“After years of training and competitions, I began to understand the true meaning of competition and devotion. It took me years to realize that winning wasn’t the goal of competition. Receiving a medal is not the point. Two or three days after, you don’t feel any difference in your life. I know because I experienced both defeat and victory…” To read this article and learn more about Benoit click here:

ICMA National Rankings -CMAA Still On Top!

The International Chinese Martial Arts (ICMA) tournament is a national martial arts tournament circuit that holds competitions throughout the United States Tournaments in cities such as Houston, Miami, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, LA, St. Louis, Phoenix, Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago and Boston.

CMAA did exceptionally well in the Boston tournament. Now that the year has finished and the scores have been taken from across the country, CMAA remains at the top!

Empty Hand Ranking in North America: Schuyler Wang 1st, Suzy Diehl 1st , Heidi Diehll 1st, Zackery Diehl1st, Cindy Pang 2nd, Emily Gao 2nd, Benoit Denolle 3rd, Renee Zhang 6th, Brenna Paxton 7th, Eli Wein 8th, Lia Nevo 9th, Liv Nevo 12th, Shawn Paxton 14th, Jason Gao 15th.

Weapons Ranking in North America: Schuyler Wang1st/1st, Zackery Diehll 1st/1st, Heidi Diehl 1st/2nd, Suzy Diehl2nd/4th, Benoit Denolle 2nd, Cindy Pang 4th/7th, Lia Nevo 4th, Renee Zhang 2nd/5th, Eli Wein 5th, Brenna Paxton 6th, Micah Juman 6th, Liv Nevo 8th, Jason Gao 10th, Emily Gao 11th, Kyler Pang 9th/12th, Caleb Juman 14th.

Congrats to you all. I am so proud to see my name listed as your instructor as you beat out students from the top martial artists from China! Seriously though, the competition was a huge success and I hope you are proud of your accomplishments as an individual and as a school!

Chinese Medicine Seminar Recap A healthy dose of professional insight, relevant information and fun! Although we had some technical difficulties, in true CMAA fashion we worked around things and proceeded to have a fun, relevant and interesting presentation. I got a lot of positive feedback with very specific accounts of how accurate Dr. Gao’s descriptions of various health conditions we are dealing with. I was initially worried that language might be an obstacle in the presentation. However, I think it’s safe to say we were all was very impressed by Dr. Gao’s enthusiasm, professionalism and ability to convey complex concepts in a simple way. I look forward to scheduling another presentation in the future. Also, over $200 was raised for the CMAA Kids Fund! Thank you for your support!

Kungfu Sash Test It’s that time again! Mark it on your calendars. CMAA will be holding our next official Sash Test on Sunday December 15th at 11:00am. Look for more information about registration in next month’s newsletter.

As always, stay tuned for more exciting information about seminars, sash tests, and Chinese New Year performances and practices coming up soon!