Monthly Newsletter – December

Dear Students,

As always, there’s a lot happening at CMAA!  Please review the following information on: School Closings Holiday Dinner Kungfu Sash Test Chinese Martial Arts is the Best Sport – Essay by Schuyler Wang

CMAA Holiday Dinner With all the holidays and family time this time of year, we would like to organize a time for us to be together outside the school. Please join us for a holiday dinner celebration! Date: Saturday, December 14th Time: 6:30 PM Location: Dragon Buffet, 1881 Central Ave. Albany, NY 12205 (518) 452-6963 Price: $16.50 for adults and $11 for children (under 10 years old).  Please pay in advance by check or cash at the school as we have reserved a room for our group. Deadline: Please register by Saturday, Dec. 7th. Kungfu Sash Test Date: Sunday, December 15th. Time: 11:00am Remember early is on time, on time is late, late is unacceptable! Teach your child the VALUE of being on time for important events they have committed to.  Whether is a competition, SAT or job interview it in important to learn these lessons now!

You know exactly what we will be testing but if you have any questions, check the Sash Requirements page on the website and feel free to clarify things with me during class.

If you are unsure whether or not you (or your child) are ready to test, please speak with me before or during class, via email at or by phone (518) 755-7512.

School Closing: Please note, CMAA will be closed Dec.23-28th.  We will re-open Monday Dec. 30th. 

Chinese Martial Arts is the Best Sport By Schuyler Wang, age 9

Chinese Martial Arts is the Best Sport

This is because Chinese Martial Arts is good exercise, a fun activity, and you also have the chance to be famous.

It is good exercise because it focuses more on the skill, than the intensity. You start with beginner’s form. It teaches you the basic “stance” instead of physical drills. The intermediate forms are just like the first levels of gymnastics. Advanced forms are like the more advanced kind of gymnastics because of the jumps. The kicking is like in taekwondo or karate. Since Chinese Martial Arts is made of different types of sports, it could even help you learn different sports better! The beginner forms are the first three forms you will learn. The intermediate forms are the next 3. And the advanced is everything else. In my school, you are always moving around in 3 different places. Where I train, there is two different mats, and small place to rest or stretch. So you are either on the main floor or the black mat or stretching. It’s not as intense as basketball or soccer, but it has enough movement to keep you sweaty.

It’s a lot of fun. You could make long-term friends. Not like the other sports, (unless you’re in a high level) every year you have new people on your team and it’s kind of hard to cooperate together. In Chinese Martial Arts, you have the same teammates unless someone joins or quits. And many people are willing to help. All of the people are so nice!

You can get famous because there are lots of competitions and if you’re really good, you could go to the world or national games. (They are really big) Even the Olympics are considering putting it in. It’s not harder to win even though there is less people because the people from China, are really good. The competitions are different from many sports because you can’t exactly “score”. You have to do a form, and the four judges will give a score. They take the average and that’s how well you did. There is a very large mat in the big games. Otherwise, it is hardwood. It sometimes can hurt very much. The other sports have tournaments and stuff like that. They beat one team they move on. In Chinese Martial Arts, it depends on how many points you get. You don’t have to do it many times to get your place.

And that’s why I think Chinese Martial Arts is the very best sport. Summary: I look forward to an exciting month!  Stay tuned for more news of upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations and performances!