Monthly Newsletter - August

Monthly Newsletter – August

Dear Friends,

As always, there’s a lot happening at CMAA!  Please review the following information on:

School Closings Kungfu Movie and Pizza! Student of the Month Profile – Minyi “The Prodigy” Chen 1 Year FREE at CMAA – NEW Referral Program! Kungfu Competition October in Boston, MA Kungfu Sash Test Recap

As usual please stay tuned for more exciting action at CMAA!



School Closings Please note we will be closed and all classes will be canceled Labor Day Weekend on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Aug. 30, 31st and Sept. 1).  Otherwise, all classes will be held as regularly scheduled.

Kungfu Movie and Pizza! Event: Kungfu Movie and Pizza Night at CMAA! Movie: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original!) Date: Sunday, Aug.17 Time: 5:30pm -8:30pm. Limited: 8-12*

Parents are welcome to drop your children off for the evening and enjoy a relaxing night out!

We will have a minimum sign up of 8 people and a maximum of 12.  The cost is $30 per child under 13 years old, $10 for individuals 13+.  However, additional persons accompanied by a parent acting as a chaperone will be permitted at the rate of $10/child and $10/parent.  Students accompanied by their chaperone parent will not count toward the total number of signups.

Please register by Friday, Aug. 15th.  However, the earlier your register the better as space will be limited!

Kungfu Competition: International Chinese Marital Arts Championship If you are interested in competing, this is a great opportunity. CMAA will be organizing a competition team to participate in the 4th Annual "New England" Kung Fu - Wushu Championship.  This year’s competition will be held on Saturday, October 11, 2014 at the Fore Kicks Sports Complex in Marlborough, MA. (aprox. 30 minutes outside of Boston).

Yellow sashes and above are encouraged to compete.   Everyone is welcome to come and support your team!

Just like sash tests, the true value of competition is still self-improvement.  All the fun and team bonding is just a nice extra!

For more information please visit the website here: For registration forms please follow this link:

Student of the Month Profile – Minyi “The Prodigy” Chen

I’d like to introduce you to Minyi (no its not“Minnie”).  You probably know her as the really fast girl who seems to test for multiple sashes every few months.  Minyi is not only a fast runner, and a fast learner she is also a hard worker.  She is very thoughtful in her approach and it has paid off.  Take a minute to learn a little more about August’s student of the month- Minyi “The Prodigy” Chen.

Shifu: Why did you start Kungfu? Minyi:  I started Kungfu because it's a good way to exercise and gain discipline.

Shifu: What is your favorite thing about Kungfu? Minyi:  I love how there are cool weapons that you can train with. I also enjoy learning spear, even though it is really hard.

Shifu: What are your goals in Kungfu for this coming year? Minyi: I HAVE TO get my aerial, and master spear.

Shifu: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get better at Kungfu? Minyi: There will be times when you don't know what to do, but when that happens just keep trying and never give up.

Shifu: What is your favorite food? Minyi: I love all fruits, ice cream, cake, and dumplings.

Shifu: When you’re not getting straight A’s, helping to lead a Kungfu class or winning piano competitions, what do you like to do in your free time? Minyi: I like to read fiction chapter books, and play video games (I LOVE to play Dragon Story on my dad's tablet).

Shifu: Is there anything you’re not good at? Minyi: I'm not very good at remembering things, and keeping secrets.

Shifu: What’s it like being a big sister to “Turbo” (Minyi’s little brother Yunhan who is one of our youngest Kungfu students at CMAA)? Minyi: It's special. "Turbo” makes a lot of jokes and smiles a lot. He is a really good brother, but he can be annoying sometimes.

Shifu: Anything else about yourself you’d like to share with everyone? Minyi: If I start a really, really, REALLY awesome book, then I will keep reading it until I finish the book, or when I have to do something else (I once finished a 610-page book in a two hours).

Thanks for taking the time to chat Minyi!  Congratulations on all the progress you’re making.  Keep up the hard work, I know we’re going to make some major progress this year.

Kungu Sash Test Recap As always I wanted to say great job to those of you who participated in July’s Sash Test. Congratulations to those of you who put in the extra work over the beginning of summer vacation!

In addition, I would like to congratulate those who chose NOT to sash test. You too demonstrate self-awareness. I know you too were excited to get your next sash and move on to something new but with an honest self-assessment, decided to wait until you knew you’d truly mastered your form. Keep up the hard work, we will test again soon and you will be all the better for having waited.

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Summary As usual please stay tuned for more exciting action at CMAA!