CMAA Competition and Demo Team


CMAA Competition and Demo Team!

As a member of the CMAA Competition and Demo Team you will receive additional training and more individualized training attention.

Kids who are on the team will be allowed to train up a level.  This means select 5-7 year olds may be allowed to train in the 8-12 year olds and that group may be allowed to train in the 13+/Advanced class.

The team will be given additional after class instruction and specially trained for performances and competition.

Do you have what it takes?

Who can be on the team?

ANYONE can be on the team!  All you have to do is put in the hard work.  Anyone can be on the team, but there are requirements!

To be a member of the team it is required is that you train at least 3 times per week at CMAA. It is required that you be available to assist with performances, demo's and/or competitions - annually!

Remember if being on the team is not possible now, do not fret.  Keep up the hard work and maybe you’ll find yourself able to dedicate more time in the future.  Hard working teammates are always welcome!