Monthly Newsletter - August

Chinese Martial Arts Academy

Monthly Newsletter August, 2012

Dear Students,

Major Announcement

The Chinese Martial Arts Academy (CMAA) will be moving to a new location- our very own home! Find out what this means for you! Read more here:

Class Cancelations

8/4- Kids Kungfu 9-10, Beginner Tai Chi 10-11

I will be attending a CrossFit certification seminar/exam for the weekend in NYC August 4th-5th. To learn more about what CrossFit is and why you should be excited about this, please read more here!

8/18- All classes will be canceled for the quarterly Pil-Sung Tae Kwon Do School Testing

Why I teach Kungfu

When I tell people I teach Kungfu they think I mean I teach a kind of martial art. After all, Kungfu is what Bruce Lee did, it’s the stuff in Kungfu Panda, the action in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, right? It is a martial art, isn’t it? What if I told you the truth, that it’s all a big misunderstanding? What if I told you that Kungfu isn’t a martial art at all? Read more here:

Watch and Learn, Kungfu Documentaries!

Did you ever wish you could just sit back, relax and learn Kungfu from the comfort of your couch? Well, now you can! “But how much does it cost?” NOTHING! Thats right, you can learn more about Kungfu, for FREE from the comfort of your own home:) Read more here:

CMAA Monthly Challenge, August

Having addressed many areas from flexibility, exercise, meditation and diet, I’d like to focus this month’s challenge on an entirely separate area of martial arts development. While nothing is better than actually training at the Academy, these monthly challenges can help us develop outside of the school setting. To read more about this month’s challenge read more here:

Chinese Cultural Gala 7/29

Thank you for coming out and supporting the school! For those of you who demo’d for your first time- you did excellent! I was so proud of all of you. I will be posting pictures of the event to Facebook soon! We impressed a lot of people and have already been invited to perform at several large venues! More details to follow. To read more about the event please go here:

I apologize for any inconveniences the schools closing may cause you this month. I am working very hard to bring you new and exciting classes, courses and events! Good things are on their way!