Monthly Newsletter - June 2018

Dear Friends,

We have several events I’d like to get on your radar, including performances, competitions, and shows.  And as always, from seminars, to competitions, demo’s and other activities, you won’t want to miss out on the action at CMAA!

School Closings
Tai Chi Film Showing at CMAA (FREE!)
Tai Chi Documentary
Private lessons in the comfort of your own home!
Sash Test
CMAA on Instagram
New T-Shirt Design (Coming soon!)
Wushu in MMA




CMAA will be closed Thursday, June 7th as Shifu will be taking a maternity info tour with Zoey.  That’s right!  If you didn’t know, Shifu and Zoey are expecting a baby boy due August 3rd. So, coming soon to a Kungfu school near you:

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Private Kungfu, Tai Chi lessons in the comfort of your own home!
If you’ve ever wanted to learn Tai Chi or Kungfu but the commute is just not feasible, or you prefer to practice individually, in the comfort of your own home/space, we can now help you with that!  We can go at your own pace, and tailor the lesson to your exact interests.  Zoom is an App that allows us to video chat from our Ipad or Laptop.  While this type of technology is not new, it is now high enough quality that with a good connection, we can perform movements and talk easily without any issues. It is FREE to download and use.   Call (518) 755-7512 or Email to learn more about scheduling and pricing! Learn more about Zoom here.

We will be holding our quarterly Sash Test on Sunday, July 8th at 10:30am. If you are not sash testing you are still encouraged to come participate and support your teammates (no charge of course).

You know exactly what we will be testing but if you have any questions, check the Sash Requirements page on the website and feel free to clarify things with me during class. 
If you are unsure whether or not you (or your child) are ready to test, please speak with me before or during class, via email at or by phone (518) 755-7512.
Remember, you will not “get” your sash at CMAA – you will EARN it! There is a big difference. It’s important you (your child) learns the value of their sash- the value of hard work! Let’s stay focused and step up our training so we’re fully prepared for the test!

White/Yellow/Green/Blue: $25
Red/Purple/Orange: $50
Light Brown/Dark Brown/Gold: $75
Black: $100

Kungfu Tribute
Kungfu movies helped teach me the important life lessons. Nothing comes easy, work hard, master martial arts, stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves in society, beat the bad guy, save the day and get the girl!  Seriously, these movies had action and often they demonstrated ”武德“,Wu De,                                                                

Tai Chi Film Showing at CMAA FREE
Please join us for a viewing of "The Professor: Tai Chi's Journey West" to June 9th at 6:30pm. We look forward to a fun evening with Tai Chi friends. This event is FREE. You are welcome to bring food, or/drinks. 

Tai Chi Documentary

It's taken time, but I've continued to appreciate Tai Chi more and more and I truly look forward to growing old with this art. I'm confident it will keep me engaged and healthy. It's complex and simple at the same time. If you're interested take some time and check out this documentary! Want to learn more, I can help!

Wushu-Kungfu in MMA
Watching MMA you’ll hear about a variety of styles often trained by the participants.  They often include modern sport martial arts like boxing, wresting, Muay Thai and Brazilian JiuJitsu.  Another style slowly making its way in to the mix of proven arts is Wushu-Kungfu or more specifically, Sanda/Sanshou, which is Chinese freestyle kickboxing.  Learn more here!  If you’re interested we offer instruction in this style for kids and adults! 

Most of us are familiar with the UFC but there are many other professional MMA in the rest of the world.  OneFC is the largest MMA organization in Asia.  Check out this article to learn about 4 of the best Wushu artists in One FC.

In the UFC we now see 5 time World Champion Muslim Salikhov.  Wushu Sanda is a unique striking art that blends striking with takedowns.  Full contact kickboxers who are familiar with stand up wrestling are very difficult to deal with since they start out ahead of the game with expertise in elements

As usual please stay tuned for more exciting action at CMAA!