Monthly Newsletter - March 2018

Monthly Newsletter February

Dear Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year - 2018 is the Year of the Dog! 

A Dog’s most defining characteristic is their loyalty. They will never abandon their friends, family or work. Honest and just, they are popular in social circles. Everyone needs a Dog friend for advice and help. They are also good at helping others find and fix their bad habits. Despite how they act, they are worried and anxious inside. However, they will not let this stop them. Once they decide on something, no one can persuade them against it. Let's work hard to embody such characteristics!  

Additionally, we have several events I’d like to get on your radar, including performances, competitions, and shows.  And as always, from seminars, to competitions, demo’s and other activities, you won’t want to miss out on the action at CMAA!

School Closings
BULLY PROOF! Kids Kickboxing- New Class Offering!
Tai Chi at the Olympics
Kungfu Sash Test
CMAA on Instagram
Chinese New Year Performance at The Egg
Weekend Warriors
Martial Arts for Mind, Body and Spirit!
2018 Chinese New Year Celebration Kungfu and Tai Chi Performance
Black Belt Dancer

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All classes will be held as regularly scheduled.  Should there be any questions about extreme/inclement please know that CMAA will follow The North Colonie school districts closing/PM activity cancellation policy.  School closing with be posted on both our website  and Facebook ( @Chinese Martial Arts Academy 中华武术院 ).

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Black Belt in LIFE
We’ve all heard the sayings “drillers make killers” and “perfect practice makes perfect”. As a martial artist we know the key to success is practice. There are no shortcuts, and mastery requires time under tension. Practice is multifaceted and should encompass physical, mental and spiritual realms.

However, we can think of practice as something that could be done outside the gym and applied to life in general. Practice the qualities that will enhance your life, including optimism, discipline, organization, kindness, and gratitude. Not in some abstract sense but literally practice them.I believe that by actually practicing these qualities you will find they get easier as your become more adept at them. 
Again, I do mean that the practice is real, not some airy notion of awareness of the desired concept. Practice being disciplined by setting your alarm clock, by holding yourself accountable and following through with commitments. Say you’re going to do something and do it, whether that be going for a run or limiting junk food. Practice being organized, get a daily planner, a monthly calendar or use those new fancy apps on your phone. Practice kindness by letting go of your ego and saying sorry, helping a kid tie their shoes, or calming yourself down the next time you find yourself getting frustrated. Practice gratitude by saying thank you next time someone cooks you a meal, or even just taking the time to reflect on the good things in your life. This might be the health of a loved one, or your accomplishments in a pursuit you’re passionate about. Practice optimism and you will become a more positive person, able to see the good in situations. 
Let your martial arts carry over to your character outside the training hall and earn your black belt in life!

"Hypocritical Athlete" I was recently listing to USA Olympic Wrestler and MMA Fighter Ben Askren #benaskren on Joe Rogan #joerogan #jre and he talked about what he called the "Hypocritical Athlete". The idea is that to be successful you need two seemingly contradicting qualities. You need to be controlling and you need to know when you can be a cowboy. In the first part, you need to make sure you're doing everything in your control to be successful. This includes diet/nutrition, rest and recovery/sleep, #strengthandconditioningetc. However, knowing life has a way of giving you lemons and throwing you curve balls, it also means that you also need to be able to perform when things go wrong. You have to be able to move on and refocus when you don't get a good nights sleep, can't get a good meal in, or you get a cold or get injured before a competition/demo etc. Basically, control all that you can. Work hard, and be prepared. But for everything else, adapt and overcome. 
BTW, yes that's the one and only GREAT #travisstevens pictured below. He's a great example of the hypocritical athlete, 


Bully Proof! Kids Kickboxing- New Class Offering!
Kids Sanda (KickBoxing) (Ages 8-12) - Starting this March (Tuesday, 3/6/18). 

CMAA has developed a specific program for Kids Kungfu Kickboxing (Sanda)! Kungfu Kickboxing (Sanda) is a modern sport which combines striking with wrestling. We believe in making martial arts fun, safe and practical!

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Tai Chi at the Olympics!
Tai Chi, one of the slowest moving forms of exercise, is being used to help athletes compete in the fasted sport in the Olympics?!  I recently read several articles about Tai Chi being used by the US Olympic speed skating athletes at the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang. Get the full story here!

Chinese New Year Performance at The Egg
Happy Chinese New Year! It was a long weekend of performances. I realized this year more than ever before just how fortunate I am to have such an incredible team. My guys come to rock the show. They train hard and they bring it. However, it’s also the parents time, energy and support. We have parents carpooling and helping to supervise and organize the team. Big thanks to the guys holding the gym down while while we are away. Last but not least thanks to my wife, Zoey, for all her assistance, from helping with every aspect of our groups and my hosting efforts to dedicating all her time and energy to helping make this all possible!

I have helped to host the Chinese New Year celebration in Albany for 5 years now. Every year I say it’ll be my last time but I fee so proud to be part of such an amazing community that I keep agreeing to do it again. I have great admiration for all the parents, teachers and administrative people who devote such time and energy to keeping this organization doing such positive things for the kids and our community at large.

I could tell you how awesome CMAA was but I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I am hoping to get a video of the performance to share with you all soon!



We will be holding our quarterly Sash Test on Sunday, April 8th at 10:30am. If you are not sash testing you are still encouraged to come participate and support your teammates (no charge of course).

You know exactly what we will be testing but if you have any questions, check the Sash Requirements page on the website and feel free to clarify things with me during class. 

If you are unsure whether or not you (or your child) are ready to test, please speak with me before or during class, via email at or by phone (518) 755-7512.

Remember, you will not “get” your sash at CMAA – you will EARN it! There is a big difference. It’s important you (your child) learns the value of their sash- the value of hard work! Let’s stay focused and step up our training so we’re fully prepared for the test!

White/Yellow/Green/Blue: $25
Red/Purple/Orange: $50
Light Brown/Dark Brown/Gold: $75
Black: $100

Martial Arts for Mind, Body and Spirit!
Martial Arts  train your mind, body and spirit to act as one. Children who get involved in martial arts reap many benefits in several areas of life. 

Weekend Warriors
Growing up Saturday was always a very special day.  Starting when I was 5 years old Saturday morning was the one day a week my dad would take me to Karate.  After practice we’d go out for Pizza.  Following the Ninja Turtles in my love for martial arts and pizza, it was the perfect pairing.  When I began training in Kungfu, it was also just on Saturdays.  My parents would drive an hour to Albany where I could finally see my teachers Jiang Jian Ye and Lu Yuzhi.  I would always work throughout the week in hopes of impressing them with my progress and learning more.  Even though I was practicing daily, Saturdays were always the day where I could truly devote myself to my practice for an entire day.  It always felt different compared to practicing after a day of school or work.  Can anyone relate?  

2018 Chinese New Year Celebration Kungfu and Tai Chi Performance
This year’s national Chinese New Year Celebration Performance included both Kungfu and Tai Chi represented by Shaolin and Wudang style martial artists. 

The Black Belt Dancer
"All dancers are fighters and all fighters are dancers."

As usual please stay tuned for more exciting action at CMAA!