Kids Sanda (KickBoxing) Ages 8-12


Kids Sanda (KickBoxing) (Ages 8-12) - Starting this March (Tuesday, 3/6/18). 

CMAA has developed a specific program for Kids Kungfu Kickboxing (Sanda)! Kungfu Kickboxing (Sanda) is a modern sport which includes combines striking with wrestling. We believe in making martial arts fun, safe and practical!

This class will focus on developing a solid foundation in the most practical techniques used in sparring and competition.

Make you child bully proof. This class will focus on the most practical elements of self-defense. With the real ability to ensure their own physical safety, your child can be confident and free to be themselves. Kids Kickboxing is both challenging and fun!

Classes will be limited to 12 students per class to ensure proper supervision of the participants

Call us and learn how we can make your child happy, healthy, confident and safe!

For kids ages 13+ we also offer Kickboxing and Combatives. More info here:

Please children will be required to wear proper safety equipment, including:
Required Equipment:
Shin Guards (covering foot and shin)
Mouth Guard
Boxing Gloves
Groin Cup
Head Gear is highly recommended but optional as we will not be striking to the head Kids Sanda class.
Chest protector is optional.

Rules in Kids Sparring:
No Strikes to the Head (for kids under 13). 
Strikes (Punch/Kick) to leg and body.
Takedowns (Sweeps, Trips, and Throws)

Additional Techniques not allowed: 
No Striking to the head.
No Use of Elbows or Knees
No kicks to the knee, inside thigh or groin.


Links to Equipment
Kids Mouth Guard: 
Kids Groin Protection: boys: or or girls: 
Kids Gloves: (6oz) or 
Kids Shin Guards: ( , or ) 
Kids Head Gear: or or )
Chest Protector: