Tai Chi Seminar Series

Wu Dang San Feng 28 Movement Tai Chi Seminar Series

What: 6 Week Wu Dang San Feng 28 Movement Tai Chi Seminar Series

When: Sundays, 10am-11:30am (optional review 9:30-10am). April 23 - June 4, (no class May 28 Memorial Day weekend).

Cost: $65 for 6 x 1.5 -2 hour classes!

CMAA will be presenting a 6 week course centering on the Wu Dang San Feng 28 Movement Tai Chi form. This short form is based on one of the crown jewels of the Wu Dang Internal Martial Arts - the Wu Dang San Feng 108 Movement Tai Chi form. This traditional long 108 form is taught by Dashi Jianye Jiang here at CMAA on Saturdays at 10:00. This 28 form offers an excellent opportunity, particularly for beginners but for the more advanced practitioner as well, to learn the original movements in a condensed format. The postures will be presented in accordance with the way Dashi performs them so this will provide a strong stepping stone in learning and refining the 108 form ( a lifelong pursuit).

About the Instructor:

Shawn Fariss is a current student of Dashi Jianye Jiang and Shifu Lucas Gellar here at CMAA. He has been studying Tai Chi since 2007. In 2011, after a China trip with Dashi to several famous Daoist sites including Wu Dang Mt. , he decided to narrow his focus to Wu dang Internal Martial Arts. He's continued learning the traditional Wu Dang 108 form with Dashi but beginning in 2012 also began traveling to Boston several times a year to train and learn with a foreign ambassador of Wu Dang Mt. , Master Zhong  Xue Chao(aka - Master Bing, http://www.wudangdao.com/) and the ever gracious hosts Paul and Rosalie DiCrescenzo of Shuang Long Dao or Two Dragons Path. Master Bing has provided Shawn with the opportunity to delve deeper into the Wu Dang Internal Martial Arts teaching him several forms within the San Feng Pai system including the Mother Tai Chi 13 form, Xuan Wu, Tai Chi straight sword and a BaguaZhang form called Eight Diagrams Palm plus more. In addition Shawn has been training at Latham CrossFit here at CMAA since 2013 and sees it as the perfect external complement to his health and fitness goals.