Newsletter - February

Newsletter Feb 2013

Dear Friends -

It’s that time again. Welcome to another monthly newsletter full of important information and exciting news!  I got to say it last month but now I get to say it again: Happy (Chinese) New Year!  2013 is the year of the snake!

Chinese New Year Demonstrations

The word is out- CMAA is THE school associated with authentic Chinese Martial Arts.  Not only do we have the most qualified instructors (if I don’t say so myself;), we have an impressive young performance group!  Based on our previous performances at the Egg in 2012, SUNY Albany, RPI, Clifton Park Community Center, Schenectady Gazette Parade and more we are now inundated with requests by many local organizations and groups to showcase our rising talents!

In fact, I have had to turn down most of the requests to due time and scheduling constraints.  However, we will officially be organizing two demonstrations for the Chinese New Year!

Saturday, February 2nd Clifton Park Half Moon Library Chinese New Year Demo on February 2nd at 2:00pm.  Performers, please note that we will be meeting at the Library at 1:30pm!  We will leave from CMAA at 1:00 pm.  You are welcome to follow and drive over together or meet there separately.  Please double check and make sure you have your shirt, pants, shoes and staff/sword!  You are not expected to wear your sash during the demo.

Saturday February 9th The Chinese Community Center Chinese New Year Celebration at the Egg at 2:30pm.

Please enjoy a video of Dean and Shifu at last year’s demo at SUNY Albany.

Class Cancelations:

Due to the times of the Chinese New Year demo’s mentioned above we will be canceling the following classes:

Sat, February 2nd: 1:00pm 13+ Kungfu, 2:00pm CrossFit.

Saturday February 9th: 12:00pm 8-12 Kungfu, 1:00pm 13+ Kungfu, and 2:00pm CrossFit.

Make up training times: For those interested in additional training, there will be an open/demo practice held at 4:15pm on Sunday Feb 3rd and Feb 10th!  If you’re Kungu Class was canceled that Saturday then you are welcome to join us that following Sunday!

School closing: March 11th, 12th and 13th.  Shifu will be taking a much needed vacation to visit his grandparents.  Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Grandpa Geller at age 92 on the secrets of longevity! J


Kungfu basics and forms training make up a majority of our training. The warm up, flexibility training, basics practice, forms training and conditioning helps to develop all of the most important attributes of the martial artists which include power (strength, speed), flexibility, balance, coordination, and mental fortitude.

However, there is still much more to learn.  For students 13+ years old, or ranked green sash or higher we will be introducing a new element into our practice.

8pm Tues/Thurs evening classes will now include an additional 30 minutes (from 8-8:30pm) for qualified students to begin learning the most applicable techniques.  We will work a variety of kicking/punch drills on various types of padded equipment so that our students are better able to identify correct technique, accuracy, timing and application of power.  From self-defense, to self-confidence this new emphasis is sure to be an exciting and fun new element to our already awesome program!

Tai Chi:

By request, we will be addressing the Wednesday evening and Saturday morning schedule to include time for the practice of Yang Style Tai Chi basics, Yang 24, 32 Sword and the Shaolin Qi Gong form Yi Jin Jing!  For newer students to build a foundation, and for senior students to revisit the basics, our emphasis on some of the forms many of us started with will be a refreshing addition to our current course curriculum. More news to come!

February Challenge:

Virtuosity: performing the common uncommonly well.  Focus on this during your regular practice and you will learn the true meaning of Gongfu (Kungfu – Great skill acquired through hard work).  It doesn’t matter if you practice Kungfu, Tai Chi or CrossFit- focus on the basics!  The foundation isn’t just the basis for your future development, it defines your practice.  Read more here!


As always, lots of exciting things are happening right now.  Stay tuned for more great updates on what’s happening at CMAA in the year of the snake!