Newsletter - August

Dear Students and Friends, School Closings:

Saturday August 31st and Monday Sept. 2nd: Please note that we will be closed for Labor Day Weekend.


Wushu Jump Kicks

What? Jump Kicks Seminar Where? CMAA When?  August 18th 11am-12:30 pm Who? You!  (CMAA StudentsJ) How Much? $35/person (before 8/12), $45/person (after 8/12). (Minimum 4 people –Maximum 12 people)


One of the most important and exciting elements of our training is without a doubt the jump kicks. As we progress, jump kicks and their combinations will get more complex and serve to separate the best of the best.


CMAA has invited a master of jump kicks to teach our students the tips and tricks to better jump kicks!


A black belt with over a decade of training, Tom Collins, will be working with our students on the basic jump kicks.  From tornado kicks (right leg landing) and aerials, to butterfly twists and back flips, Master Collins will provide the highest quality instruction and individual coaching to each of the seminars participants.

(Meet Tom Collins - )


Many of the concepts and corrections Master Collins will offer our students are things they will be able to keep in mind and apply to their training for years to come.  Of course I hope everyone will come away with some new jumping skills, but I also hope they each come away with a newer understanding of exactly what they can do to improve whatever aspect of each kick they need particular assistance with.


Master Collins will be working with each student individually so this seminar is limited to 12 people.  Please sign up ASAP to reserve your spot!


Chen Style Taiji Short Form: The Chen 8

What? Chen 8 Where? CMAA When?  August 17th 9:30am-11am Who? You!  (CMAA StudentsJ) How Much? $30/person (before 8/12), $40/person (after 8/12). (Minimum 6 people –Maximum 16 people)


Equivalent to learning the Yang 8 before traditional Yang 108, Chen Taiji includes a simplified short routine known as the Chen 8.  This form teaches the basic Chen postures serves as a great stepping stone to learning longer, more advanced routines.  If you don’t yet practice Chen empty hand but you practice either the 42 Sword or Chen straight sword, then your routines include, or are based on the Chen style.  If Chen is entirely new to you, this is the perfect intro to Chen or exposure to stylistic characteristics which make Chen unique.  In any case, this is a GREAT opportunity to learn from a very sophisticated practitioner- Peter Wolf.

Peter Wolf: 2002 Collegiate All Around Champion 2001 Nationals 1st Chen, Sun, 32 Sword 2002 and 2005 Berkely All Around Internal Champion 2005 USA Team 1st place "Open" Taiji, 2 years Beijng Sports University, 2-1 Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fights Certified personal trainer, TRX trainer, Pilates Mat Trainer

One year ago, I reposted an article written more than 10 years ago by Peter Wolf.  It is an interesting article on “flavor” and worth the read:

Kungfu Competition

What: The Chinese Wushu Kungfu Academy’s 1st Annual Wushu Kungfu Tournament When: Saturday August 17th, 8:30am-4:30pm (Pre-Registration ends July 31st) Where: Hopkins Academy in Hadley, Massachusetts Who: All Levels Welcome

Team CMAA!


1. Zack Diehl 2. Heidi Diehl 3. Suzanna Diehl

4. Schuyler Wang 5. Emily Gao 6. Jason Gao

7. Brenna Paxton 8. Sean Paxton

9. Renee Zhang

10. Eli Wein 11. Scott Beiter (Team Leader) Everyone should register for the appropriate age, level (beginner) and event (empty/long weapon and/or short weapon). Please find the forms being forwarded along with this email. It’s an all-day event, so bring food (snack bars, pb+j, and drinks (water/gatorade/juice), bring some music, or books, maybe even a pillow to rest on. This tournament should be small (though the beginner divisions will be the biggest) and move quickly, but it’s also the organizers first time and there could be a lot of confusion and delays.  So, be prepared and have whatever you need to be more comfortable! Now we'll start competition training and organizing the logistics of our traveling up (maybe we can coordinate several groups going together).

From goal setting and learning to perform under pressure, the entire competition is a great learning and team building experience! In addition, there will be another bigger tournament on Sept 28.  I think this could also be a great option for us!

Summary Stay tuned for more exciting news (including a Push Hands Seminar with Shifu Jiang Jianye and the next competition in Bosto, both coming this September!).