Newsletter - April

Chinese Martial Arts Academy Newsletter – April 2013

Dear Students and Friends,

Sash Test- Congratulations!

Congratulations to those who tested! You have all made such great progress. I was hugely impressed with your performances. Not everyone passed on the first try, though everyone has since passed in their re-tests. Although that was disappointing, I knew you had what it takes and I WILL always hold you to those expectations! Keep up the hard work - our hard work will make you and CMAA GREAT!

Next sash test will be in the first two weeks of June.

School Closings: Please note we will be close next month, May, Saturday the 18th through Weds the 22nd.

Monthly Challenge: Think about what is that inspires you and share it! Whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual - what things do you look to for inspiration? Do you look to the vibrant, bright eyed old masters, or the incredible athletic prowess and artistic display of power of the young kungfu master? Whatever it is that has inspired you, a book, film (documentary or fiction), individual or experience, let me know so I can share it with the others at CMAA! Feel free to tell me more in class or send me an email.

In the last few months these are a few short but really awesome videos I’ve seen on youtube. None are about Tai Chi or Kungfu, but they’re still so awesome to watch. If you’ve ever said or heard, “I’m too old”, “I’m too overweight”, “I’ve got bad knees”, or “I’ve got a bad back” as an excuse to not get more exercise and healthier then I dare you to watch these videos and say it again!

Video 1: Video 2: Video3:

How to Master Anything, at Any Age:

Whether your goal is to sustain employment or enrich your life, continued learning is paramount to growth. Learn new skills, overcome challenges and find fresh meaning in 9 steps:

Summary As usual stay tuned for more exciting news and information about upcoming events! More info coming soon about another Tai Chi documentary (on Chen style Tai Chi), another Kids Kungfu Night, and a CMAA martial arts performance June 30th!