Never Quit.

All the reasons you should keep going! (… even when you want to quit, sometimes).

1.  Learn what it really means to be a martial arts master.  You won’t ever know if you quit now.

2.  All your friends at practice miss you when you’re not there.

3.  Sometimes you’re teammates are having a tough time in training and they could really use your motivation and support!  Every practice you miss might have been one that a teammate needed you.

4. Shifu is so proud of what you’ve accomplished but you and he both know you’ve still got so much potential.  Keep training and see just how far you can go.

5.  You are a martial artist.  It’s your identity.  Think of what Shifu or the hero in your favorite movie would do and stay the course until you reach your goals.

6.  Your younger kungfu brothers and sister look up to you!  Set the example by working hard and showing them what it means to be persistent.

7. We’ve got sash tests, competitions and demo’s to prepare for!  Get to practice so you can rep’ your team, Shifu and yourself to the best of your abilities.

8.  Wushu Kungfu is an AWESOME martial art and sport.  You’ve accomplished a lot but there’s still more you can do.  Keep training and learn what it’s like to have the skills that only a few disciplined few ever develop.

9.  It is great exercise.  You have to go to school to study and be smart.  Training Wushu makes your mind strong and your body smart as you develop discipline and focus, as well as speed, power, flexibility and coordination.

10, 11, 12... What are your reasons for not quitting??