Monthly Newsletter - November

Chinese Martial Arts Academy Monthly Newsletter – November, 2012

Dear Students,

Welcome to another exciting installment of CMAA’s monthly newsletter!  Lots going on, so please keep reading.

Kungfu Open House 10/28

WOW- What a success!  It was great getting so many of our students and their friends and family out to celebrate.   With lion dancing, kungfu demo’s, food, fun and a raffle it was definitely a good time. If you have any pics please send a copy to me at Check out a few that we’ve got here on Facebook:

Raffle Ticket Winners - Please come see me to claim your prize!

657285 – T-Shirt

657293 – Jacket

657276 – Private Lesson

Tai Chi Potluck and Movie

We will be holding a Potluck and Movie night for our Tai Chi Students Nov. 10th at 5:30pm.  We will be showing a Tai Chi documentary called “Masters of Heaven and Earth”.  Check out the trailer here:

Please RSVP vai email or by signing the signup sheet on the desk at school!

Holiday Dragon Parade Schenectady ! Chinese Martial Arts Academy Albany and Asian Culture Inc. / Chinese Dance Troupe 

Saturday 11/17/2012, 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Chinese Martial Arts Academy will be organizing a Dragon Dance and Martial Arts demonstration for this event.  Please stay tuned for details.

Location: Schenectady Broadway, Schenectady Community College Campus Starts

Sponsored by the Price Chopper Center Schenectady

(Free Open to Public)

Thanksgiving Schedule

We will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend from November 22th- Nov24th

Enjoy your long weekend, and safe travels!   CMAA wishes you a happy holidayJ  If you want to feel better about ENJOYING your thanksgiving meal- join us for an open CrossFit workout 8pm on Wednesday night! (details to follow!)

KUNGFU Movie and Pizza Night! 

Date: Saturday, December 1st

Time: 5:30pm -8:30pm.

Join CMAA for an evening of kungfu, games, food and entertainment.  So far we’ve got Shaolin Temple (the original, Jet Li’s very first movie), and Wushu (by Jackie Chan) as possibilities.

The cost is $25 per child under 13 years old, $10 for individuals 14 years old and over.

Parents are welcome to drop your children off for the evening and enjoy a relaxing night out!

Seminar (?)

We are working on bringing former USA Wushu-Kungfu Team member and national/international Tai Chi champion Brandon Sugiyama  to CMAA in December on Saturday the  8th.  Master Sugiyama is a Longfist and Spear specialist in Kungfu, and Yang style Taiji and Bagua specialist in internal styles.  More news to follow!  Please enjoy a short demonstration of his during the Masters Demo at the largest Wushu tournament of the east coast this year:


It’s officially OFFICIAL- CMAA is now the home of Latham CrossFit!  If you’re not sure what CrossFit is (really? Still!?) read more here:

We will be updating the schedule to include new CrossFit training times.  Please note that NO other Tai Chi or Kungfu classes will be canceled or otherwise affected.

Follow Latham CrossFit on Facebook at

Monthly Challenge November

Learn how to squat, deadlift and overhead press correctly.

These three movements are largely ignored in the gym, even though they are the most important and functional movements that we encounter on a daily basis.  Misinformed personal trainers and the general public steer everyone away from learning how to do these movements correctly in the gym, without realizing that we do these exact same movements in real life all the time.  Every time you pick up a bag of groceries, put a heavy box on a shelf in the garage, or sit down to use the toilet- you do these movements!  Learn these movements and improve your ability to function correctly and safely- CrossFit can help (see above).