Monthly Newsletter - August 2016

Dear Friends,From seminars, to competitions, demo’s and other activities, don’t miss out on the action!

School Closings Kungfu Sash Test Recap DK Yoo Taiji and Qigong Train Your Monkey Mind: Meditation 3 Incredible Long Fist Kungfu Performances Tai Chi at Community Care Physicians and Chinese Community Center

School Closings Please note CMAA will be closed for one week of Summer Break beginning Friday July 29th –Thursday Aug. 4th. We will resume our regular schedule Friday, August 5th!

Sash Test Great job you guys. It was great to see so many students making progress at various levels. New students like Justin and Austin working hard to earn their very first belts. Eddie, Maci, Sam and Kaley all back on track after some time away from training. As one of my very first students, and generally a weekend warrior, it was also very special to see Alex continue to make meaningful progress and excel in spear!

A special congratulations to Zackary Diehl on officially receiving his Black Belt! Zack, was one of my very first students over 5 years ago from the Chinese Community Center. I immediately recognized his quiet focus and athleticism. I asked his parents to let me teach him. I continued to offer them discounts until finally I said “Please give me a chance, I will teach him for free for one year.” Well, that year went fast. Zack has shone as a highlight in CMAA’s martial arts performances every year since. Zack has matured in to truly impressive martial artist with sharp basics, super agile jump kicks, and attention to detail. I look forward to starting his new weapon- Pudao, the “Horse Cutter Halberd” and seeing just how far into mastery he’ll take his training! I am very proud of you, Zack!

DK Yoo Taiji and Qigong

I saw videos about DK Yoo several months ago. The more time I spend on his channel, the more I enjoy watching his movements. I don’t think hitting fully cooperating, non-resisting, “opponents” demonstrates any ability to deal with physical conflict in real life. However, his movement is definitely unique and offers insight into various aspects of martial arts training specifically posture, and the release of energy. Please click here to see several more of his videos that high light Tai Chi, and Qigong!

Train Your Monkey Mind: Meditation  Mingyur Rinpoche teaches us how to meditate any time, anywhere. Actually, he’s not saying anything new really but his quintessential Buddhist monk delivery is on point. Enjoy!

3 Incredible Long Fist Kungfu Performances Please enjoy these three incredible performances. From grace and athleticism to martial prowess and artistry, martial artists have it all! Which is your favorite?

Tai Chi at Community Care Physicians and Chinese Community Center I am proud to announce that a new Tai Chi class will now be available onsite for WeCare patients at Community Care Physicians.  This is an exciting new initiative and I am very excited to see the medical community interested in and encouraging their patients to explore this time tested traditional art of health and wellness!

In addition, with the success of our martial arts program at the Chinese Community Center Chinese School, we will now offer a class every week on Qigong and Tai Chi fundamentals.  I hope we can help as many people discover the wonders of traditional Chinese fighting and healing arts!  I couldn't  be more proud of CMAA for continuing it's outreach and bringing the highest quality of our art to the local community, just as Shifu, Lu and so many senior students have done for so long!

Summary  As usual please stay tuned for more exciting action at CMAA!