Monthly Newsletter - August

Monthly Newsletter – August Dear Friends,

From seminars, to competitions, demo’s and parties, you won’t want to miss out on the action!

School Closings Shifu’s China Trip! European Wushu Kungfu Champion Benoit Denolle Returns to CMAA Seminars and Group Privates Training Sessions with Benoit Denolle 3rd Annual Kungfu Wushu Competition Recap Student of the Month – Liv “Livvy” Nevo

As usual please stay tuned for more exciting action at CMAA!


Shifu School Closings Regular Kungfu Classes are cancelled for Saturday, August 8th.  Please join us for an amazing seminar!

All Kungfu Classes will be cancelled August 17th -August 22nd.

Tai Chi classes with Master Jiang Jian Ye will be held as regularly scheduled.

Shifu Lucas Geller China Trip Shifu Geller will be traveling to China with his parents for two weeks during the month of August to get married to his fiancé Zou Yu (Zoey) in her hometown of Yidu, Hubei.  Tune in to next month’s newsletter for the recap and photos!  In addition, no trip to China would be complete without training.  Even with a busy schedule, Zoey has made arrangements for Kungfu training.  Look forward to sharing that experience with everyone as well!

Amazing Wushu Kungfu Routine

European Wushu Kungfu Champion Benoit Denolle Returns to CMAA CMAA will be hosting European Wushu Kungfu Champion and good friend, Benoit Denolle for 3 weeks of training, coaching, seminars and FUN! Don’t miss the chance to train with him!

Longfist Changquan Seminars with International Kungfu Champion Benoit Denolle What: Individual Longfist Basics and Combinations (Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced). When: Saturday, Aug 8th. Beginner/Intermediate 11:15-12:30, Intermediate/Advanced 12:30-2pm. Why: Take advantage to train with an amazing Martial Artist and International Champion right at our very own school! Whatever your level, focusing on developing better basics is always the way to make great improvements.  Learning individual combinations and movements will become increasingly important as we advance in our training and look to earn our black sash which will require you to choreograph your very own individual Longfist and weapons routines! These are the exact movements you will look to include.

Cost: $20 for Beginner/Intermediate, $30 for Intermediate/Advanced with pre-registration by Aug 3rd. $25/$35 respectively for registration after the 3rd.

*Note: The classes will be limited to the first 15 students who register for each of the seminars. If you’re not sure which seminar you should take (or if you’re interested in both- just ask me and I will clarify what the major differences will be.)

Nanquan (Tiger Crane Southern Style) Kungfu Seminar

When: Saturday, Aug. 8th 3:00-4:30. What: Learn and improve your Southern Style Kungfu basics, and pick up new Nanquan combinations for your future black sash Kungfu routine! Cost: $25 with pre-registration by Aug 3rd ($35 when registered after the 3rd).

There are two major styles in Wushu: Changquan (Long Fist) and Nanquan (Southern Fist).  At CMAA we emphasize Long Fist as our foundation.  However, once you have earned your Orange sash you will have the option to begin learning Nanquan!  What is the difference? Great question! Long Fist emphasizes kicks, high jumps and graceful postures.  Southern, inspired by Tiger and Crane movements, is aggressive and powerful, and emphasizes low stances and fast hand strikes.  That said, there is no better way to decide which style suits your body type and personality, or just diversify your knowledge of kungfu than by taking advantage of this unique opportunity to get hands on training in this system!

Kungfu Champion Group Privates - with International Champion Benoit Denolle Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get a small group private training session with Wushu Champion Benoit Denolle.  Bring your Kungfu to a whole new level with individual correction. Refine your current routines or learn new basics, combinations, forms or styles of Wushu!

Super Low Group Privates Rates: Get lots of personal attention and focus on exactly what you want! 1 HR Session: $25 or 2 Hour Session: $35 (Minimum 2 person Sign Up)

Saturday, Aug. 1st 3-4PM Sunday, Aug. 2nd 10am-12pm and 1:30pm-3:30pm Sunday, Aug. 9th  10am-12pm and 1:30pm-3:30pm 3rd Annual Kungfu Wushu Competition: Recap With many members of our usual competition team taking it easy after New Jersey or busy with summer travel plans, CMAA sent a smaller competition team out to represent the school this time.  Of the 6 total members, only 2 had prior competition experience.

The value of competing is in the hard work and determination leading up to the competition, and the courage it takes to go out there all alone and perform.  However, the medal can feel pretty darn good too!

Team CMAA. 6 athletes competed in 11 events and took 4 Bronzes, 4 Silvers and 3 Golds. (2 Gold and 2 Silver won by 2 students who had previously competed. For everyone else it was their first time.) Congrats to all of you. You earned those victories.  

Student of the Month – Liv “Livvy” Nevo She’s been consistent since day one.  She puts in the work but also knows how to have fun- the spirit of CMAA! Congrats on your success in competition, I’m sure you will have much more of that in the future!  Let’s take some time to learn more about our teammate and competition representative!

Shifu: When did you initially get involved in martial arts? Liv: I started at CMAA on January 2013. Shifu: What drew you to martial arts?

Liv: I came to watch Lia try it out and I liked the weapons so I wanted to try it as well. I also wanted to get a sash.

Shifu: What are a few of the main things you have taken away from your time training? Liv: Kung Fu helps me with a lot of other things that I do - like strength and flexibility. I learned to be more serious about training. When I sit and judge other people's forms I learn to pay attention to details, which helps my forms.

Shifu: What’s your favorite part of training?

Liv: Game time and doing my forms Shifu: What was your most recent competition experience like?  Did you learn anything from it?

Liv: I was nervous. It's like doing your form on the big mat but more people are watching and you need to do your best. I learned that no matter how nervous you are, it doesn't matter once you're on the floor doing your form. Shifu: If you could give any advice to someone who's interested in martial arts, what would it be?

You have to work hard and you need to be able to laugh at jokes because Shifu is funny. Shifu: What are some of your favorite activities outside of Kungfu? 

Liv: Running, swimming, playing softball, doing art, and having fun. Shifu: You've traveled to a lot of cool places.  What were your favorite places and why!?

Liv: Hawaii. Because there are many pools and an ocean and it smells really good, like palm trees. Israel. Because my family lives there. Denmark. Because they have the best hot dogs and they have really good candy.

Thanks for taking the time to talk Livvy.  Keep up the great work!


As usual please stay tuned for more exciting action at CMAA!