CMAA Newsletter - MAY 2012

Chinese Martial Arts Academy News Letter- May, 2012

Dear Students,

Please enjoy another installment of CMAA’s monthly newsletter.


Class Cancelation

5/19/12: Please note that the school will be closed and that all classes are canceled      5/19/12 for the quarterly school cleaning and Tae Kwon Do school testing.

New Clothing in for SUMMER!

CMAA school Jackets (with school name and logo in white) are available, and they look great!

School Shorts: In preparation for summer CMAA will also provide shorts for Taichi, Kungfu and Sanshou!

School Pants – The long awaited arrival of pants is nearing!  Working on completing an order to get them in by the end of the month.

CMAA School Shirt discount:  The original CMAA school shirts, extra soft, with low collar and logo on front and back are now only $25.  (The regular CMAA shirts are still only $15J)

CMAA Challenge

A new challenge has been issued for the month of May!  May's challenge will be focused on developing the mind.  Read more about it here:

Kungfu (Kids, Adult Forms/Kickboxing):

FIGHT! Magazine Interview with Shifu Geller: KungFu For MMA, The Overlooked Art of Sanshou!

KungFu Sash Testing: We will hold our first official Kungfu Sash Testing 6/1/12.  Please note the testing requirements as identified by the curriculum:


Tulip Festival: As per an early tradition, CMAA will be organizing Taichi in the park during the Tulip Festival on Sunday morning 11am, 5/13/12 (weather permitting).  More details to follow!

Movie Night (Taichi Documentary/Kungfu Movie ): To be scheduled early June.  Stayed tuned!  The Taichi documentary below will be shown.  Kungfu movie will be selected next!

Taichi- Moving Meditation by Shifu Geller:


Many, many new things (awesome) things coming your way.  I will send out another email with more details regarding the events coming up!