CMAA Newsletter- June, 2012

Chinese Martial Arts Academy Newsletter- June, 2012 Dear Students,

Please enjoy another installment of CMAA’s monthly newsletter.


CMAA Potluck Movie Night (Potluck, Taichi Documentary and Kungfu Movie ) is scheduled for 5:30pm next Saturday, June 9th.  Please RSVP by THIS Sunday evening, June 3rd!  The Taichi documentary below will be shown.  Following the documentary we will be watching a Kungfu movie!

Taichi documentary:

Kungfu Movie- Reign of Assasins:


New Clothing in for SUMMER!

CMAA School shorts have just arrived.  They look awesome and feel great!


15% off original CMAA school jackets (with school name and logo in black) Please check for availability.

10% off NEW style CMAA school jackets (with school name and logo in white)!

Reminder - CMAA School Shirt discount:  The original CMAA school shirts, extra soft, with low collar and logo on front and back are now only $25.  (The regular CMAA shirts are still only $15).

CMAA Challenge

A new challenge has been issued for the month of June!  Have you ever heard of “Tabata”?  Learn more about a new method of Japanese conditioning designed to get you in awesome shape – in less than 4 grueling minutes!  June’s challenge will be focused on strength and conditioning.  Read more about it here:


Interview with longtime Kungfu student, Scott Beiter:   “I developed a realization within the first year that the full expanse of Chinese martial arts went beyond just Kungfu forms and movies…”  Read the entire interview here:

KungFu Sash Testing: We will hold our first official Kungfu Sash Testing 6/2/12.  Students who know the "5 Stance Form" (in both directions), Beginner Long Fist, or Beginner Staff are recommended to test for sash promotion.  If you are not sure if you or your child is ready to test, please speak before class.  Testing is required to progress to the next level of forms training.  Also, please note the testing requirements and the small associated fee as identified by the curriculum:  


More great things coming your way- stay tuned!