Monthly Newsletter - February 2019

Dear Friends,

Happy Lunar New Year! What a month.  Between the holidays, sash test, and recent Chinese New Year performances, things have been action packed.  And as always, from parties and documentaries, to various martial arts articles and upcoming demo’s, you won’t want to miss out on the action at CMAA!

School Closings
Sash Test Recap
Chinese New Year’s Performances 
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Newest Black Belts – Cindy Pang!
Fit For Life- Inspirational Seniors!
“A Family That Kicks Together Sticks together!”
优惠大酬宾- 会员的家庭成员免费一个月

Chinese New Year Mass Kungfu Performance

School Closings
CMAA will be closed presidents day, Monday the 18th.    

Additionally, please note that with snow storms continually looming CMAA may be closed to due to inclement weather.  CMAA policy is to follow the North Colonie School District’s school closing/PM activity cancellation decision.  Information about class cancellations will be posted on our website under the “News” section and on our Facebook page. 

Sash Test Recap


Chinese New Year’s Performances 
Incredibly proud of TEAM CMAA! I love knowing we can get the audience excited and inspired by showcasing a spectacular aspect of Chinese culture.

It was especially meaningful to our team say how proud they were of their performance and seeing them spend time together having fun backstage (from about 9:30am until about 6pm!).

I want to give a big thanks to all the parents for all their time and energy as well (driving the kids back and fourth to practices and performances, and coordinating their schedules and encouraging them to participate, etc.). 

Check out some of the action here! Stay tuned for more pics and videos to come!

CMAA on Instagram

Newest Black Belts – Cindy Pang!
In 2011, before CMAA ever had a kid’s program, I began teaching children at the Chinese Community Center. In my class there was one boy who had just turned 5 years old (as some of you know, his name was Kyler, but his is an exciting martial arts success story on its own). During his practices, I observed a girl watching intensely from the sidelines. Her interest and focus was clear and I was excited when soon after Kyler’s parents brought Kyler’s sister to class and said “Cindy wants to train!”.

It was clear from the beginning that Cindy brought something special to her practice. She had a presence. It’s a unique set of qualities in Chinese martial arts that’s called “精气神“, or “Spirit, Energy, Vitality”. Most kids fall in love with jump kicks and can sometimes lose focus of the other 80+% of Wushu. However, while Cindy could get air with her jump fronts, tornados and butterfly kicks, she always excelled in the form itself, with deep stances and real power behind her weapons movements.

Cindy was always mature. Ever engaged, she always seemed comfortable striking up conversation with me, to talk about what was happening in school, in sports, violin or other clubs. As she entered high school, this became more regular and it wasn’t uncommon to get a text or phone call from Cindy who wanted advice or simply to vent about high school stressors like tough AP classes, club involvement, or even friends and boys. Whether driving in the car from Chinese school back to CMAA, doing a private session to hit pads and relieve some stress or make a trip to a friend’s house to play with some dogs, Cindy helped me understand how a martial arts teacher can be involved in their student’s lives outside of the gym.

Wise beyond her years, engaged with society, Cindy will do great things. I saw in her, though she was just a little girl, a great level of intensity, interest, focus and presence. It is these same qualities that will help her achieve success in life. I can’t wait to see where she takes it!

Congratulations to Cindy Pang on earning her black belt and joining the ranks in the CMAA Black Belt Hall of Fame!

Check out her exciting video here:

Fit For Life- Inspirational Seniors!

Now this is incredible.  Not everyone can do this type of activity, but no one should use age as excuse to not be the healthiest versions of themselves! 

“A Family That Kicks Together Sticks together!”

CMAA would like to offer 1 FREE month to any family member of a CMAA student! Do you have a Spouse, Grandparent, Parent, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, or Sibling that might be interested? They are welcome to try our programs including:

1. Gentle Tai Chi for Health and wellness.
2. Kungfu Empty Hand and Weapons Class.
3. Freestyle Kickboxing (Sparring!).
4. Bruce Lee’s JKD (Combative for Self-Defense).

Interested? Join us for a FREE month! Text/call (518) 755-7512.


Chinese New Year Mass Kungfu Performance
It’s hard enough coordinating a group of 20 kids.  I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into organizing this performance.