Wushu Forms Practiced at CMAA

According to the Official CMAA curriculum, students practice:

Five Stance Form (Wu Bu Quan)

Long Fist, Beginner (Yi Duan Chang Quan)

Staff, Beginner (San Duan Gun Shu)

Broadsword, Beginner (San Duan Dao Shu)

Long Fist, Intermediate (San Duan Chang Quan)

Staff, Intermediate (Chuji Gun Shu)

Broadsword, Intermediate (Chuji Dao shu)

Longfist, Advanced (Guiding Chang Quan)

More to follow, including:  Advanced Staff, Broadsword, Straight Sword, Spear, Southern, Individual Advanced,  Fanzi, Tongbei, Animal Styles, Chain Whip, Drunken, Double Broadsword, Three Section Staff!