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Dear Friends,

Welcome back.  I hope this newsletter finds you well.  We have quite a few exciting things happening right now having added more Tai Chi, Kungfu, Kickboxing, and Combatives classes than ever before.  In addition, there are several events I’d like to get on your radar, including performances, competitions, and shows.  I’ve come across so many interesting things that I wanted to share with you all. Whether you practice Kungfu or Tai Chi, I think you’ll benefit from keeping an open mind and watching a few of these videos. And as always, from seminars, to competitions, demo’s and other activities, you won’t want to miss out on the action at CMAA!

School Closings
3 Rules for a Good Life
“10 for 10” Interviews with Shifu and Ching Yin Lee!

师傅和Ching Yin Lee的相互采访
CMAA Holiday Dinner
World Wushu Championships (Russia) – Former CMAA Athlete Benoit Denolle
Benoit Denolle
World Kungfu Championships (China) – Former CMAA Athelet Brandon Liu

世界功夫冠军赛(中国)-中华武院运动员 Brandon Liu
Why Practice Martial Arts
你的孩子能从武术训练中收获什么?(丰富大学申请和简历 )
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Kungfu Sash Test

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CMAA will be closed for Winter Break for one week from Dec 18th – December 25th. 

“10 for 10” Interviews with Shifu and Ching Yin Lee!

Recently, good friend and owner of GOSU Institute of Chinese Martial Arts, Master Ching-Yin Lee, asked to do a short interview with me. To keep the format simple, we exchanged 10 questions. It was a lot of fun to think about a lot of these things. Hope you enjoy it!


Interview With Shifu:
Ching Yin Lee: “Why do you train?”

Shifu Lucas: “Martial Arts make me happy. As an exercise in physical, mental and spiritual discipline it’s very rewarding. This paired with continued growth, and the bonds formed with teachers, students and training partners makes for an incredible journey.”

Ching Yin Lee: “What's the biggest sacrifice you’ve done for practice?”

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Interview with Ching Yin Lee:
Click on the link below to read the full interview with Coach Ching Yin Lee and get all the secret tips and tricks mastering martial arts here! Hope find it as interesting and informative as I did!

Why Practice Martial Arts?

I was posed the question, “What can my children get from doing martial arts?”. I was slightly taken aback. Such a simple question caused my mind to race. Martial arts are my life. Through martial arts I’ve traveled the world, made lifelong friendships developed the ability to protect myself. Through Marital arts I’ve developed physical, spiritual and emotional health. I’ve even made a successful career out of it. How could I summarize my life’s purpose in a simple, succinct and accurate response?

Over the course of your (or your child’s) martial arts journey, you may also wonder, “What are the benefits to practicing martial arts? Is it worth the time and money?” In reflecting on the value of martial arts, I wanted to share with you just some of the many things you can get from training martial arts!  These are important for those looking to strengthen their college applications CV's and resumes!

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CMAA Holiday Dinner
Join CMAA friends and Family for our annual holiday dinner party!

With all the holidays and family get-togethers this time of year, we would like to organize a time for the CMAA family to be together outside the school. Please join us for a holiday dinner celebration!

Date: Sunday, Dec. 10, at 4:30pm.  

Please reserve your spot ASAP as space is limited! The cost is $15/kids (12 and under) and $20/Adults. Please pay in advance by check or cash at the school as we have reserved the restaurant for our group.

*Deadline: Please register ASAP as the party size is limited and we expect to reach capacity!

World Wushu Championships (Russia) – Former CMAA Athlete Benoit Denolle
Congrats to Benoit Denolle, in his participation of the World Wushu Championships!  Representing the France, Benoit scored a 9.01 with an outstanding demonstration of spear.  The World Wushu Championships is the most competitive competition for Wushu with each country sending a select group of competitors.  Just qualifying for the event is an accomplishment in and of itself. Congrats Benoit! You deserve to be proud.  You showcased the results of your hard work to the world!  To get a better idea of Benoit and what competition means to him read this article he wrote while training at CMAA. 
“Why is Wushu My Life Today”:

Check out Ben’s routine!

World Kungfu Championships (China) – Former CMAA Athelet Brandon Liu
Big congratulations to CMAA Black Belt Brandon Liu who earned a bronze medal in the World Kungfu Championships!  Brandon began his competition coming out with a strong showing of double chain whip. Just as he was showcasing his spectacular skills, one of his chainwhips broke!  Out of the event, Brandon refocused on his next event, bare hand.  Using his Eagle form, Brandon showcased his precision, and athleticism to earn 3rd place and win bronze!  We are very proud of you Brandon. Sometimes people get down after a mishap. I think its great, that despite a setback, you were able to refocus and come back to show them just how strong you are! Congrats on your success (again!).


3 Rules for a Good Life


1. Dedicate yourself to self-improvement.

2. Dedicate yourself to the service of others.

3. Dedicate yourself to friends and family.

1.  Dedicate yourself to self-improvement.  This encompasses mind, body and spirit.  For me this means focusing on physical health by exercising and eating healthy.  Beyond that I believe it’s imperative to consistently foster ones cognitive abilities through continual learning, critical thinking and meaningful dialogue.  Lastly, for spiritual health I think everyone will have their own unique needs.  However, I personally practice exercises in discipline and gratitude.

2. Dedicate yourself to the service of others.  There is something uniquely powerful and fulfilling in dedicating yourself the betterment of others.  This can be in any form.  Whatever product you make or service you provide, if you can attach it to how it can improve someone else’s quality of life, you will find it deeply rewarding.    

3. Dedicate yourself to friends and family. As social beings, friends and family will be the greatest source of love.  Family relationships may be complicated and at times it may be necessary distance or free yourself of toxic relationships.  However, by and large love as an emotion, like anything else can be practiced.  The more grateful you are and the more you nurture those closest to you, the more love you will receive.  


We will be holding our quarterly Sash Test on Sunday, Jan 7th at 10:30am. If you are not sash testing you are still encouraged to come participate and support your teammates (no charge of course).

You know exactly what we will be testing but if you have any questions, check the Sash Requirements page on the website and feel free to clarify things with me during class. 

If you are unsure whether or not you (or your child) are ready to test, please speak with me before or during class, via email at or by phone (518) 755-7512.

Remember, you will not “get” your sash at CMAA – you will EARN it! There is a big difference. It’s important you (your child) learns the value of their sash- the value of hard work! Let’s stay focused and step up our training so we’re fully prepared for the test!

White/Yellow/Green/Blue: $25
Red/Purple/Orange: $50
Light Brown/Dark Brown/Gold: $75
Black: $100


As usual please stay tuned for more exciting action at CMAA!