Wushu Wedding - Shifu Geller away 3/17/12!

Wonderful news! My kungfu brother, and long time close friend Jason Lui will be getting married to San San (my former classmate at GMU- I introduced them!). When he asked me to be in his wedding party, I couldn’t refuse, even though I hate to miss our Saturday class (which includes our Kids Kungfu, Adult Wushu and Sanshou practices all in one day). I apologize to you all for missing class but I am sure you understand. This is a special occasion that I can’t miss. It should also make you proud to know just who my friend Jason is. For those of you who don’t know much about USA Kungfu history let me enlighten you!

Jason Lui:
USA Team Member 2003-2007.
#1 USA Team Member 2005
Ranked 7th in the world -(Nanquan) Hanoi, Vietnam.
2006 Pan American 1st place- Nandao.
2004 Pan American 1st place- ALL southern Events!

For those of you who dont know what Nanquan is, here is a brief description:

The contemporary Wushu event Nanquan is a modern style of kungfu derived in the Chinese provinces south of the Yangtze River and predominantly those styles popular in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and Zhejiang. The basis of contemporary Nánquán hail primarily from traditional Kung Fu variants including Choi Lei Fut, Hung Ga and Wing Chun.

Contemporary Nanquan features vigorous, athletic movements with very stable, low stances, extensive hand techniques and a vocal articulation called fasheng (“release shout”) which is the predecessor of the Japanese and Korean martial arts kiai. Power is driven from sharp waist movement with special emphasis on fast stance transition to generate power and speed in the arms.

Here is a short video of Jason demonstrating Nanquan:

“Lucas is a great teammate and will be a great coach. I would recommend him to anyone if you were interested in learning wushu. Over the years that I’ve known and trained with him, he always would push and raise the bar to train harder. Congrats and Good Luck to the new school!” Jason Lui USA Wushu Team2003-2007(#1 USA Team Member 2005), Pan-American Gold Medalist, World Games Competitor.

Also in attendance- Another of my closest Kungfu brothers- #1 US Nanquan athlete in 2005- Ching Yin Lee! Enjoy:) Very excited for a mini Wushu reunion!