Chinese MMA: Kungfu kickboxing & combatives

Modern fighting sport influenced by traditional Chinese boxing

Kungfu Kickboxing, more correctly called Sanshou, is a modern fighting method and sport influenced by traditional Chinese boxing, Chinese wrestling methods, and other Chinese grappling techniques. It has all the combat aspects of Wushu. Sanshou appears much like kickboxing or Muay Thai, but includes many more grappling techniques. Sanshou fighting competitions are often held alongside taolu (forms) competitions.

THE CMAA Difference

Students of any ages and ability are welcomed to join the CMAA family! We take great pride in our friendly community and warm atmosphere.  We are more than classmates, but rather friends who are on the journey together.



Kungfu Kickboxing, more correctly called Sanda (or Sanshou), is a modern fighting method developed by the Chinese military.  Based upon the study and practices of traditional Kung fu and modern combat fighting techniques it combines full-contact kickboxing, which includes close range and rapid successive punches and kicks, with wrestling, takedowns, throws, sweeps, kick catches, and in some competitions, even elbow and knee strikes.  It’s a great way to learn practical self-defense and get in amazing shape!


Combatives is a program which blends Bruce Lee’s style called Jeet Kune Do and weapons training (primarily Filipino Kali stick and knife). As with JKD the approach is simple and direct. The emphasis is on minimal movements with maximum effect. The system works by using different “tools” for different situations, where the situations are divided into ranges, including kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling, with techniques to flow smoothly between them. Unlike more traditional martial arts this style does not emphasize individual martial arts routines or patterns.  Techniques and tactics are adapted to best suit the practitioner. 

Chinese Grappling

In addition to striking techniques Chinese Grappling techniques draw on the arts of Shuai Jiao and Qin Na.  Shuai Jiao appears very similar to Judo and wrestling and emphasizes takedowns, sweeps and throws.  Qin Na describing techniques used in Chinese Martial Arts that control or lock an opponent’s joints or muscles/tendons so he cannot move, thus neutralizing the opponent’s fighting ability

In addition to sport techniques associated with Sanshou and Shuai Jiao, basic self defense skills will be taught throughout this program as well.

DT FightTeam

For individuals interested in sparring, fighting and competing, CMAA has officially organized the Dragon Tiger Wushu Team. Everyone is welcome on the team; however, to be a member students are required to train at least 3 times per week at CMAA. Students must also be available to assist with performances, demos, and/or competitions – annually!

If you or your child is interested in competing, performing, and being a part of our team, please contact Shifu Geller.