“Not only did I find Lucas’ passion for Wushu to be inspiring, but also the kindness and respect he showed toward everyone were particularly admirable. He has a delicate patience with kids that fosters both fun and effective learning, and he is one of the most likable people I know.”- Colvin Wang, Olympics Games Competitor (2008 Games, Beijing), USA Team 2007-2013, Silver/Bronze Medalist at both Adult and Junior World Championships.

I have seen Grandmaster Jiang turn students into gold medalists in Taichi and Kungfu, but more importantly, encourage them to always do their personal best in all things.  He is the consummate teacher, someone absolutely worthy of his well earned title:  Grandmaster.” – Shifu Sandra Balint, Master and certified instructor in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and a certified instructor for the Health Preservation Association (HPA) and CMAA.

“Lucas Geller is the hardest working and most technically clean US Wushu Athlete I’ve ever trained with. He has a sound work ethic and a compassionate heart. His strive for excellence is unparalleled.” – Ching-Yin Lee, USA Wushu Team 2003-2007.

Lucas is one of the most dedicated and well rounded wushu athletes in the USA. His understanding of wushu basics, philosophy and history combined with knowledge of exercise and conditioning make him a great source of knowledgeI have trained with him directly for years, and consider him to be a great athlete and coach”- Christopher Sexton, 2005 US Wushu Team, 2004 US Traditional Wushu Team, Pan American Wushu Championships Gold Medalist, USAWKF Judge, USAWKF Technical Committee

Master Jiang is both nationally and internationally known for his excellent and prolific videos of Chinese Martial Arts, including Taijiquan, Qigong, and Kungfu.  His ability to breakdown complex forms to simple steps and demonstrate them clearly  allows everyone to follow and learn.”  Jim Posniewski, Taichi Champion, Certified Kungfu – Taichi Judge (USAWKF) and Senior Taichi Instructor (CMAA).

“Lucas Geller’s contagious enthusiasm and authentic persona is a velvet glove over his iron fist knowledge.”  Master Y Chan, National and International Wushu Champion, Head  Wushu Coach WKFFC.

“Lucas Geller is an amazing wushu athlete and one of the top and well-known in the USA, if you’re looking for a good place to train- he’s THE MAN. Check out CMAA today!”  -Jessica Shyy 2010 World Junior Wushu Champion, USA Junior Wushu Team (2006 – 2010), USA Wushu Team 2011-2013.