Tai Chi Sword Seminar Series

Taiji 42-sword

What: 6 week 42 Tai Chi Sword Form Seminar Series. 
When: Monday mornings 10:15am-11:15am (April 4th -May 9th)
Cost:$50 *

CMAA will be offering a 6 week intensive seminar series on the 42 Posture Tai Chi sword routine.  With regular opportunity to train in the 42 sword every Tuesday and Thursday morning this seminar series will help those who would like to get a better understanding and familiarity with this routine for their regular practice. We will spend 4 sessions on each of the 4 individual sections, then 1 session working both halves and 1 session working the entire routine.This class will be a good series for practitioners of all levels, from students new to Tai Ji sword to seasoned practitioners looking to review and solidify their practice of this routine.We will address, the names of specific postures, the applications of and review basic individual straight sword techniques.Introduction: The Tai Chi 42 Posture Sword Form is an international standard routine created for competition. It combines movements drawn from the Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun styles of traditional T’ai chi ch’uan (Taijiquan). It was created in 1989 by grandmaster Li De Yin for the Chinese Sports Committee. In practice it has received a lot of positive attention as well, for being a challenging, fluid form which loads the body with energy (qi). Today it is a popular form for competition as well as for personal health benefits. At the 11th Asian Games of 1990, Wushu was included as an item for competition for the first time with the 42 Form being chosen to represent Tai Chi.*(minimum 5 people signup)


42 Sword List of Postures 
Section 1
1. Beginning position
2. Point the sword, feet together
3. Cut with the sword, bow stance
4. Chop, lift the Knee
5. Block, left bow stance
6. Slice Upward, left empty stance
7. Slice Upward, right bow stance
8. Hold the sword, lift the knee
9. Kick and Stab Forward
10. Jump step and stab with a flat sword
11. Turn the body and stab down
Section 2
12. Chop with flat sword, bow stance
13. Snap the sword, bow stance
14. Press the sword, resting stance
15. Step in and circle to entwine with the sword
16. Lift the knee and stab upward
17. Intercept Downward, empty stance
18. Draw right and left with the flat sword
19. Vertical chop, bow stance
20. Lift the sword, t-stance
21. Separate the right foot and point back
Section 3
22. Thread the sword, crouch stance
23. Kick and block up with the sword
24. Lift the knee and point the sword
25. Sweep to the side, crouch stance
26. Intercept downward, bow stance
27. Stab downward, bow stance
28. Stir the clouds left and right
29. Chop, bow stance
30. Lift the leg behind and block up
31. Point, t-stance
32. Push the sword, horse stance
Section 4
33. Stand on one foot and lift up
34. Step forward, hook, and point
35. Snap the sword, resting stance
36. Reverse stab, bow stance
37. Turn and stab downward
38. Lift the knee and the sword
39. Thread the sword, circular walking
40. Swing the leg and block up
41. Stab straight, bow stance
42. Closing


42 Sword With Names of Postures (back view)

42 Sword With Names of Postures (front view)

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