Tai Chi Forms – Video References

Chinese Martial Arts Academy – Tai Chi Forms – online video references.

Yang 10: 


Yang 16:


Yang 24:


Combined 48:


Sword 32:


Sword 42:


Chen 56:


Yi Jin Jing:

Ba Duan Jin:

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6 Responses to Tai Chi Forms – Video References

  1. joe bellicose says:

    ever thought of having a push hands class?

    • lucas says:

      Yes, I’d love to have a push hands class in the future! If not an entirely separate class, I’d at least like to include it in our current class structure.

  2. schuyler says:

    How do you get to the page for the requirements for a gold sash?

  3. Eleanor Laviolette says:

    I have been doing a lot of work outside, clearing brush, pulling weeds etc. and hurting all over. I have found Tai Chi has been very helpful to bring new life to my sore muscles. I also used the breathing and the concept of moving from the waist to generate the power to pull out some stubborn roots. After Tai Chi class I am ready to go back out with renewed energy. Thank you so much for the daily benefits of Tai Chi.

  4. Gail Koser says:

    Lucas, could you post a Chen 10 form in your video references. I am having trouble finding any one doing this form. TX

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