At CMAA we bring you the most authentic training in Chinese Kungfu (Wushu).  While emphasizing forms training (the solo empty hand or weapons routines which have always been of great importance in Kungfu), we blend basic and complex movements inherent to our art (including stances, kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps and throws).

Changquan- Long Fist Kungfu and MORE!

Long Fist style is considered to contain a good balance of hand and foot techniques, but in particular it is renowned for its impressive acrobatic kicks.  In demonstration events, Long Fist techniques are most popular and memorable for their whirling, running, leaping, and acrobatics. Contemporary Changquan moves are difficult to perform, requiring great flexibility and athleticism comparable to that of gymnastics.

After students progress through beginner, intermediate and advanced Long Fist routines they will be able to choose another form which compliments their skills/interest, including Praying Mantis, Tiger, Fanzi, Tongbei among others.

CMAA’s Specialized Kids Kungfu Programs

For children ages 5-7 and 8-12 CMAA has developed  specialized children’s programs. These programs are designed specifically for children and focus on the development of a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline.  In addition, the programs are designed to improve children’s motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions.  All classes are taught using the most safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods available for this age group.

The Sash System

This ranking system, similar to belt systems commonly found in other Asian martial arts, allows for students to systematically progress through our standardized curriculum.  Students are able to focus on individual achievement as they advance through our ranks, becoming proficient in all areas of martial arts.

Competition and Demo Team.

For kids interested in competing, performing and being a part of the school’s demo team CMAA has officially organized The CMAA Competition and Demo Team. To learn more about this please read more here! http://www.martialartsalbany.com/?p=1037

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Shifu Geller demoing with China’s national champions at the United Nations on August 18th, 2011.  This is a preview trailer of the performance and a demonstration of Kungfu – Wushu.