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GOSU Wushu

The goal of GOSU Institute of Chinese Marital Arts is to provide athletes and enthusiasts with quality training and healthy exercise. The company will go above and beyond to make the quality of the learning to be centered around the students. The company will always have reasonable and affordable prices. The company will accommodate and educate athletes of all levels and ages. GOSU will ensure quality at every level of the process.

Pil-Sung Martial Arts

NY:    In the world of martial arts, filled with egos and arrogance, Pil-Sung Martial Arts is one school working to change the thinking behind martial arts training. Pil-Sung Martial Arts, in Albany, is the joint home of Pil-Sung Tae Kwon Do, Grupo Capoeira Brasil, and the Chinese Martial Arts Academy. Representing the martial arts teachings of Korea, Brazil and China, these three very different and very distinct styles of martial arts are taking home in one school.

Fighting Fitness

VA: At Fighting Fitness you get the training and fitness you want while experiencing the most modern and innovative fitness and martial arts training in the United States as designed by Master Coach Neil Ehrlich.

Health Preservation Association

USA: The Health Preservation Association(HPA) is an Association whose purpose is to train competent, highly qualified instructors to help prevent illness and disability in healthy individuals and to support persons with chronic illness or disabiliy to regain and maintain maximum health and longevity.

Polaris Wushu

VA: Polaris (Northern Star) Wushu (Chinese War Arts) Boxing is a complete system offering Traditional and Modern Martial Arts for Health, Strength, Sports, Combat, and Spirit. Our Motto: Diligence, Perseverance, Respect, Sincerity:

Health Mind and Body Studio – Sandra Balint

NY: As an Enrichment, Continuing-Adult Education, Wellness, and Creative Movements teacher in other Capital Region schools and wellness centers, I offer tailored martial arts programs in Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chinese Fan and Qi Gong to seniors and adults.  I am a gold medalist in Tai Chi and Kung Fu and earned my martial arts instructor’s certification from Grandmaster Jiang Jianye with whom I have trained for almost 22 years, attaining proficiency in both empty hands and weapons forms including fan, spear, staff, sword, broadsword, and three section staff.

 IMA Combat Forum

For fighters by fighters, free combat forum!  Stand up, Ground, MMA, Chinese Internal: Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and more!

Karate Depot:

Your trusted martial arts supply source since 1998.

 Martial Arts Supplies

Just what it says- martial arts supplies!