Grand Master Jiang Jianye

Just reflecting on how fortunate I am to have Kungfu master Jiang Jianye as my Shifu. I just found this video. He was about 40+ when all the videos were made. I would have loved to see how athletic his kungfu was at age 20. Im just starting to learn Praying Mantis from him now, very humbling. Start video at 1:05. My favorite are his animal styles of Kungfu at 3:35! Enjoy:)

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  1. m davis says:

    I know a few years ago you lead a trip to China. Are you leading any trips to China in the near future, thank you.

    • lucas says:

      There has been a lot of talk about this. Shifu Jiang Jian Ye continues to lead trips to China almost every year. In addition, it is possible that Shifu Lucas will be leading a trip to China next summer with an emphasis on martial arts training. Please sign up for more information to be put on our newsletter so you don’t miss any updates! 🙂

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