CMAA Challenge

CMAA Challenge: 

Every month we will issue a CMAA Challenge to either be completed at the school or at home.  The goal is to help us grow as martial artists.  The challenges may relate to strength training, flexibility training, or even a meditative practice or community service initiative.

April’s challenge will be focused on improving our flexibility.  Whether we study Kungfu (forms/fighting) or Tai Chi, flexibility is an important part of our practice.

April’s challenge will be based on one of the 72 Consummate Shaolin Arts- Rou Gu Gong- Soft Bone Arts.  To complete the challenge you must practice the “Front Stretch” 100 x per leg- 2x a day!  It wont take more than 5 minutes each session (2 sessions = less than 10 minutes of at home stretching – very doable!)

It is very simple.  Just keep your leg straight, and your back straight.  The goal is to get your head to your foot.  If you can’t do that yet- that’s what the challenge is for!

Shifu Geller performing the chin to toe front stretch.

For a video, please watch at 2:00. (side note, the man in orange doing double broadsword at 1:08 was my coach in Nanjing!)

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