• Shifu (Master) Lucas Geller
  • Dashi (Grand Master) Jiang Jianye

Intense passion, a rigorous training regimen and a unique understanding of Chinese language and culture has allowed Lucas to become a true expert of Chinese martial arts.  Following in the footsteps of his instructor, Jiang Jianye, Lucas Geller is a martial artist in the most pure sense- dedicated to the practice and promotion of Wushu.

instructor placeholderLucas Geller began training in Chinese martial arts at age 13  with Shifu Jiang Jianye at the Capital District Taiji and Kungfu Association of New York (CDTKA) in Albany.  It was at this time that Lucas found his passion for Wushu (Chinese martial arts).

At 16,  Lucas was waking up at 3:30am to begin each day with 2 hours of training before school began.  After school the training continued. It was a dedication few others could understand but he was consumed by Wushu.

By the age of 26 Lucas had spent almost 4 years in China training at such institutions and professional wushu teams as the Beijing Sports University, Beijing Wushu Team, Shandong Wushu Team, Sichuan Wushu Team and Nanjing Wushu Team.   During this time he competed and earned medals at numerous national and international martial arts tournaments including Nationals, Worldgate, Collegiates (UC Davis) and Berkeley.

Lucas Geller became a member of the USA Wushu team in 2007.  In 2008 he won a silver medal at the Pan-American Wushu Games in Brazil.  In addition, in 2009 Lucas earned his Master’s degree in Advanced Chinese Language and Culture from The Ohio State University. He is fluent in Mandarin.

Dashi Jiang Jianye is one of the most respected martial arts instructors currently teaching in the US. In addition to an unparalleled knowledge in the martial arts, it is Dashi’s personality which people cite as his finest quality. Soft spoken, warm and passionate, Dashi exemplifies the finest qualities in a teacher that a student could hope for.

instructor placeholderDashi Jiang has made it his life’s mission to not only continually develop himself as a martial artist but to also dedicated himself to the teaching of authentic Chinese martial arts here in America.

Dashi Jiang Jianye was born China in 1950.  He began studying martial arts the age of 5, learning from the most well known masters (including Yu Mingwei, Yu Hai and many others).  He received his BA and MA degrees from Qufu University and Shanghai Physical Education Institute.  A national and international judge in China and the U.S., he is also a master calligrapher.